Start EBSE Engenharia will supply for Comperj works

EBSE Engenharia will supply for Comperj works

June 4, 2018 5:11 pm to 5:11 pm
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It will provide piping solutions for the Comperj works, opening the way for new possibilities from this venture.

around the Comperj works already outlines positive reflexes for the supply chain, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Starting with EBSE Engenharia, which got a contract for the supply of spools (welded fitting pipes), which will come from its factory, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. She is still in competition with other multinational companies to provide emergency piping from 12 inches, and to tell the truth, she is very competitive and everything indicates that she will also take this contract.


With everything going in favor of the economy, not only in the oil and gas sector, but in other instances, EBSE is interested in expanding its service portfolio. Today, it supplies pipelines for a pipeline in Rio de Janeiro and intends to be part of the Navy's corvette works. For this purpose, it ended up making a kind of consortium with a Russian company.

The KM Consortium (Kerui Method) will need a lot of materials and equipment and most of them will be brought from China. It turns out that many of these work inputs will need to be made at the Comperj construction site and/or factories close to the enterprise.

In terms of expertise, logistics and cost, EBSE ended up doing well in this tender, despite the fact that buying in China would be much cheaper these days and aggravated by the rise in the dollar. There is also a Flare project that was won by a company from Minas Gerais and EBSE is in contact to supply the pressure vessels for it.

How to send resume to EBSE Engenharia?

Nothing has been defined regarding hiring for the Comperj works, at least at this first moment, but EBSE Engenharia leaves an email from the company's Human Resources for those who wish to send a resume. SEE WELL, THE SELECTION PROCESS WAS NOT DISCLOSED, SHE JUST LEFT A CONTACT AVAILABLE FOR THIS PURPOSE. Interested parties can contact us at the address

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