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Forship and Dutch foreigner sign Offshore maintenance agreement

Flavia Marinho
14-07-2018 08:55:24
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OOS and Forship close agreement for offshore maintenance in Brazil

Dutch company has just signed an agreement with Forship Engenharia seeking to enter the national offshore maintenance market.

The Dutch multinational OOS found a way to enter the offshore maintenance Nacional, allying itself with the company Forship Engenharia, which is made up of a Brazilian business group with branches in Singapore, Mozambique and the Netherlands. With an eye on the offshore market, the multinational intends to bring projects that will allow large investments and customer satisfaction. According to the company's CEO, Leon Overdulve. the two companies are already working on a project aimed at Brazil, showing that they are not kidding, they want the biggest and most profitable offshore contracts. He also commented that the Brazilian market is promising and requires companies that have cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of a sector that grows every day.

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International OOS

Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), OOS specializes in naval management and offers various technical services that require large numbers of employees. The marine maintenance sector focused on offshore repairs has evolved a lot, it is extremely impotence to research in a refined way what the company actually does. Below are the main services provided by OOS.

  • Construction Management
  • Project management
  • Operational management
  • Crew Management

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Vacancies and Opportunities

At the moment, OOS is not recruiting, but interested parties can register their CV in the company's database. Below is a statement from the OOS in relation to the selection processes, “We receive CVs from a wide range of maritime and offshore qualifications, regardless of age, marital status, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation. We work with a lean team, making each individual's contributions paramount to remaining among the leading offshore construction and accommodation companies. Our crew is dedicated and determined to do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible. We encourage transparent communication – among employees themselves and between employees and managers – to solve problems, improve work performance and elevate our results. All of our offshore positions are available and recruited through our Crew Management System.” Click HERE to register your CV.

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Flavia Marinho
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