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Drilling rigs worth 360 million put up for sale from 20 by Petrobras

Paulo Nogueira
26-03-2017 10:08:16
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Drilling rigs worth 360 million put up for sale from 20 by Petrobras Drilling rigs worth 360 million put up for sale from 20 by Petrobras

Extremely low value rigs are now practically scrapped.

On the 17th, the Petrobras decided to sell the P-59 and P-60 probes with an initial bid of US$ 40 million (both together), and they cost the state a small amount of US$ 720 million in 2010, a little bit, right? These drilling rigs constitute Petrobras' strategic divestment plan and, according to her, by May, 7 units will be auctioned (delivery on a tray) in the sales package.

The 2 rigs mentioned in the first paragraph were assembled at the time in association of the companies Odebrecht, UTC and Queiroz Galvão (did anyone mention Lavajet?) in the Petrobras works complex in Bahia.

With promises that the construction of the P-59 and P-60 units would be an important step in the reconquest of the Brazilian naval sector, this milestone was celebrated by large companies and high-ranking government figures. See the photo of Dilmão and the other sharks at the event:

She spoke at the christening ceremony in 2012, exclaiming that the partnerships made at the time would make the economy of the Brazilian naval sector, especially in shipyards, generate jobs and make Brazil rise in the ranking in this category, since since 1980 the sector was practically instinct

Now imagine, each rig cost US$ 360 million and the minimum bid is US$ 20 million, 360-20 = 340. This math made José Maria Rangel, who coordinates the FUP (Single Federation of Oil Workers) literally freak out, emphasizing that this price it's too low and now is not the time to let go of anything

According to Petrobras, these values are only virtual with the objective of just igniting the auction and that the rigs will only be sold if they reach a minimum consensual value. But guess what! She doesn't want to say what that value is.

In 2013, the rigs were received by Petrobras and unlike drillships, which can work in water depths from 1000 meters, the P-59 and P-60 only reach a maximum depth of 106 meters.

The rigs that are being auctioned for sale are the P-3, P-10, P-16, P-23, P-59 and P-60. All of these only work in shallow water. Some of these are already in shipyards for a long time waiting for service.


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