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Online distance college is a great option for those who have little time and money to study

Paulo Nogueira
27-08-2017 07:56:07
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Inexpensive and recognized by the MEC, online college is the solution for young people and adults who dream of a higher education degree.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Going to college nowadays is much easier than it was a few years ago, this is mainly due to the technological revolutions that society has been acquiring in recent times. In the past, taking any course would have taken a lot of time and money, and was accessible to the fortunate few of the upper class. The options we had at that time were: Study hard to take any course in Federal Institutions or pay exorbitant prices for private courses. With the arrival of Distance Learning (EAD) modalities, it is now much easier. Next, I will list a lot of advantages that this modality can offer.

  1.  Flexible hours – You who have a busy life, wake up very early to work and arrive only late at night is absolutely a great option! Because you can study at the most unusual times and even from your smartphone, whether on the subway or on the bus.
  2.  interactive technology – Anyone who thinks that studying online is difficult and boring is wrong. There are many exercises in videos, content that illustrates the subjects well with games and real-time interaction with other students.
  3.  Library 24 a day – That's right, at any time, you can easily consult the books in digital format from the online platform of the college you chose, in addition, you don't need to read gigantic indexes to search for a certain subject, you just need to type the term in the search field (like the one at the top of the blog) and you'll find what you want like a magic pass.
  4. Affordable price – A phenomenal attraction is certainly the price. Since faculties do not need to spend a huge amount of professors, physical infrastructure is minimal and in very small space, reducing rent fees, property tax, books, etc. They end up passing this discount on to the student.

Today, there are more than 1,365 distance learning degrees in Brazil with more than 1.34 million studying in this segment of education and each year, this number is growing exponentially. Next, see the cheapest colleges with the best education systems. Prices can range from R$180.00 to R$1000.00.

Cheapest and most recognized EAD's

It is not enough just to be cheap, it has to have quality and be recognized by the MEC, otherwise your diploma will not have any kind of validity at the time you practice the profession. Here is the official list of EAD's recognized by the Brazilian education system, and categorized from the lowest to the highest price:


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