Start Desaer will build a new aircraft factory in MG with the expectation of generating 1,000 jobs

Desaer will build a new aircraft factory in MG with the expectation of generating 1,000 jobs

April 15, 2022 11:56 am to 11:56 am
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Desaer has already closed contracts for the sale of aircraft that will be produced in Araxá (photo: Deaser/Disclosure)

Desaer plans to build its new aircraft factory in Araxá (MG) and the estimate is that R$ 250 million will be invested and 1,000 new jobs will appear by the end of 2024, the date on which the factory can be inaugurated.

The Municipality of Araxá (MG) granted an area of 277,800 m², attached to the Municipal Airport, this Wednesday (13), to Desaer Desenvolvimento Aeronáutico. The site will receive an initial planned investment of US$ 250 million and the estimate is that 1 thousand jobs generated, either directly or indirectly. Such investments are for the site to soon receive the start of construction of a company's aircraft factory so that the commercial, defense and freighter markets are served by Desaer.

Aircraft factory in Araxá is scheduled to open in 2024

According to Evandro Fileno, the CEO of Desaer, the estimate is that by the end of 2024, the aircraft factory will already be in activity and seeking to meet purchase contracts already signed. According to Fileno, one of the concepts that served as the basis for the development of the aircraft factory in Araxá (MG) was to attract partners to the country, contributing to the generation of new jobs for the region and for Brazil.

The estimate is now to encourage the arrival of other companies that may be suppliers of the aircraft factory, in addition to encouraging the opening of higher education courses aimed at this sector.

According to Juliano Cesar da Silva, municipal secretary for Economic Development, Tourism and Innovation, the feasibility of the arrival of Desaer in Araxá (MG) will not only favor the local economy, but also technological development. Cesar also states that it is a great milestone for the city to have a large investor, mainly in the innovation sector, which is one of the bets of the current administration, with the objective of attracting new companies and promoting the qualification of manpower and generation of jobs.

Desaer's Aircraft Factory is in the final stages to release the works

Cesar informs that before the works, the project must also meet the various standards established by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), which is responsible for approving the project, considering that the location of the aircraft factory in MG is 20 meters from the airport.

With the aim of valuing the people of the municipality, the architecture students of the Centro Universitário do Planalto de Araxá will be responsible for the development of the factory project, which is also seen as a way of contemplating talent.

During the signing of the contract with the city of Araxá (MG), Fileno said that in the next few days he should go to the capital for approvals to be released, given that the company plans to deliver an aircraft already contracted and that should be produced in Araxá at the end of 2024. Just for the production of the ATL-300 model the company plans to invest more R$ 500 million.

Students from Araxá (MG) will also participate in the project

Another project that will have the participation of students from Araxá is a closed partnership with the Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (Cefet-MG) so that within two years, citizens of the municipalities will be able to meet the demand of the sector, even if the secretary estimates that professionals from other parts of the country should also migrate to the municipality in view of the company's knowledge requirements.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent days, the Municipality of Araxá announced the renovation works of the airport, which has not received domestic flights since the beginning of the pandemic due to lack of demand.

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