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Crisis in Macaé: 630 stores closed from January to May 2017

Paulo Nogueira
03-05-2017 00:37:18
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Crisis in Macaé 630 businesses closed from January to May 2017

Merchants suffer from the crisis in Macaé and are forced to fire and close doors due to lack of movement.

The crisis in Macaé not only affected the offshore companies, it also reached micro-enterprises and the self-employed in a kind of ripple effect. The commercial establishments of Macaé experience the unfortunate impacts due to the economic setback in the city, which do not seem to come to an end. According to the Employees Union in the municipality, an impressive 630 closed their doors in recent months, almost 6 stores every week! Amazing, no?

The main trade routes in the city of Macaé are Avenidas Rui Barbosa and Avenida Teixeira de Gouveia, but even at these strategic points, entrepreneurs have had to extinguish their commercial points, because there is not enough sales volume and rentals becoming more and more expensive.

For those who pass through there these days, it really is a very sad scenario to see, many stores closed or empty due to the lack of movement. Even in the Aloha, Fashion and Elias Agostinho galleries, which concentrated a good part of the sales on the sidewalk, now live in a desolate scenario.

Naturally, this lack of movement in the trade hurts a lot in the pocket. Being forced to close for retention of capital, companies are being forced to lay off, further increasing unemployment.

Mariáh Silva, who is the president of the Union of Employees and Commerce of Macaé, said that it is impossible to postpone how many stores will close in 2017. If this crisis continues much longer, more stores will be closed and so on.

Frederico Pessoa, who owns a beauty salon in the city, said that he had a monthly turnover of more than R$30,000.00, now that profit is 50% lower and that unfortunately, he will have to lay off some of his employees to try to keep the business and wait to see if this crisis passes.

According to CAGED, which is associated with the Ministry of Labor, in March Macaé extinguished 442 formal jobs in the commercial sector. In the service sector, 2,251 professionals were laid off and 1,370 returned with a salary well below the salary cap.

If we make a comparison between the first quarter of 2015 and March 2017, this calculation shows that about 59,211 employees were laid off from the city.

The situation is worrying, let's wait for the next months to unfold, because our neighbor São João da Barra is already taking charge of the situation and has its Porto do Açú at full steam, waiting for the logistical movements in the city.

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