Cooking gas price breaks historic record and reaches highest value of the century

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Cooking gas price hit a historic record in April, reaching the highest value of the century and the highest real monthly average

The survey was carried out by the Social Observatory of Petrobras (OSP), an organization linked to the National Federation of Oil Workers (FNP). The research data were based on the average monthly price of cooking gas and the average weekly resale values in the month of April, such data were released by the ANP (Agência Nacional do Petróleo).

According to the data released, it can be seen that in March the gas had already reached the highest average value in the series in history, being marketed at R$ 109.31. Before that, another record had been set in November 2021, with the average gas price of R$ 106.50.

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Gas price compromises around 9.4% of the minimum wage

The 13kg gas cylinder is sold in Brazil for an average value of R$ 113.48, according to the ANP. This represents 9.4% of the minimum wage, the highest price since March 2007, when a cylinder cost R$ 33.06 and the minimum wage was R$ 350.

As economist Eric Gil Dantas, from the Brazilian Institute of Political and Social Studies (Ibeps) reports, cooking gas is compromising the minimum wage in the same proportion as in 2007. He also adds that in the last 15 years, with the maintenance of the price of gas and the appreciation of the minimum wage, this proportion was falling, but there was a reversal in 2017 with the rise in cooking gas prices and the real increase in the minimum wage. In addition, the value of gas is more than double the gas aid offered by the federal government to low-income families. The benefit that was expected to cover half the price of a cylinder is currently in the amount of R$ 51, about 44.5% of the average gas price.

according to broadcast, with the rise in the price of cooking gas, a first immediate effect was the growth in the use of firewood by Brazilian families.
According to the economist, between 2013 and 2016, according to data from the Energy Research Company (EPE), the population consumed more cooking gas than firewood, but from 2017 onwards firewood was used more frequently than firewood. cooking gas in homes across the country and, in 2020, firewood consumption was already 7% higher than gas consumption.

State of Piauí has the highest average price of gas cylinders in the Northeast

According to the ANP, the 13 kilo gas cylinder has the most expensive average price in the Northeast region, in Piauí, costing an average of R$ 122.48. The data took into account the period from April 17 to 23 this year, in which 34 points of sale of cooking gas in the state were surveyed.
Also according to ANP data, the lowest gas price found in Piauí is R$ 114.00 and the highest price found is R$ 130.00. As reported by businesswoman Ytla Andrade, who works with food sales and uses an entire bottle of gas daily, the rise in gas prices is greatly harming entrepreneurs who produce food. Also according to Ytla, she was waiting for a drop in the price of gas, and so far without success. “It's too heavy for our pocket, right? For people who work with bakery, confectionery, it is very difficult. I hope until next month it goes down. We hope this to see if sales improve more as well and don't fall into the customer's pocket, so they don't stop buying”, she said.

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