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Continental offshore company released its selection process for the DP2 drillship

Paulo Nogueira
24-07-2017 21:58:41
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Continental offshore company released its selection process for the DP2 drillship

Offshore vacancies include the insertion of Brazilians, pay attention to qualifications and send your resumes in full force

CS Offshore is one of the world's service providers for the maritime and offshore industry, incorporated in 2008 in the United Arab Emirates with ABS approved safety management system. Located in the Middle East, South Africa and West Africa, it has a wide range of solutions, operating anywhere on the planet. Needing many qualified professionals, CS Offshore opened without a continental selection process. See what they are below:

open positions

Open opportunities are for Captain, CE, Tool Pusher, Driller, Asst. Driller, Drilling Trainee, Torrista, Deck Sailor, Deck Foreman, Crane Operators, Area Men, Materials Technician, Mr Subsea Technician, Subsea Assistant, Welder, Maintenance Officer, First Engineer, 2E, 3E, Driver, Chief Electronic Technician, Electronic Technician, Chief Mechanic, Squad Mechanic, Mechanic, Chief Electrician, Probe Electrician, Electrician, HSE Director, Field Leader, Hotel Staff, First Mate, Doctor and Radio Operator.


Live anywhere in the world, experience on drilling ships for at least 2 years, fluent English and a working passport. Those interested and within the profile, send your abstracts to purnima@cs-offshore.com/ careers@cs-offshore.com / recruitment@cs-offshore.com . Resumes must be sent in English, including the description of the intended positions.

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