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PREPOM Aquaviários Contest 2018: Your chance is now

Paulo Nogueira
07-02-2018 09:29:15
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The long-awaited PREPOM Contest finally came out with many positions this year for those who want to graduate in the maritime sector. Your moment has come!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O PREPOM Contest 2018 came out with a lot of open training and a series of simplified requirements for those who want to enter this maritime area. For those who are trained in this type of work, it is allowed to work in support vessels, gas tankers, merchant ships, cruise ships and every type of maritime unit that requires nautical skills.


The Maritime Professional Education Program (PREPOM) is administered by the Navy, but it is up to the candidate to have the professional or technical training to enter the waterway adaptation courses. For more information on this area, access the article on how to become a maritime professional. Remembering that all the courses that this year's contest are for those who already have training or experience in the area. See who can apply below:


Hospitality and Health

cabin boy
Health Assistant

*No indication needed




Machinery Section (Electrical)

Electricity Technician
Electronics Technician
Automation technician
Telecommunications technician

*Need indication



Mechanical Section

Shipbuilding Technician
Mechanical Fabrication Technician
Technician in Electromechanics, Mechatronics, Mechanics
Marine Machine Technician
Metallurgy Technician
Aircraft Maintenance Technician


Remembering that if you pass the tests, you will need a letter of indication from a company linked to the maritime sector so that you can make the adaptations, but the Navy gives a deadline very soon for you to obtain this recommendation. ACCESS THE FULL EDIT AND HOW TO REGISTER ON THE NAVY SITE HERE. We made a short video guide below on how to register, check it out:

access the complete announcement of the Prepom 2018 contest, carefully read all the requirements and parameters to take the tests. The registration fee will be generated after completing the forms as shown in the video above. As said, we were a little confused in the selection of options in the Collection Guide Section, we were not able to contact the Navy to clarify this doubt. Please try to get in touch with her, and if you get clearer information, please let us know so we can rectify the matter.

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