Start Liquigás Contest 2018 Out: 794 vacancies for elementary, high and higher education

Liquigás Contest 2018 Out: 794 vacancies for elementary, high and higher education

March 29, 2018 5:57 pm to 5:57 pm
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The public notice was published today at Cesgranrio with salaries ranging from R$1793.36 to R$4894.08. Read the article and know the details to compete in the Liquigás contest

The edict for the Liquigás 2018 Contest has been published! The organizing committee of this event is Cesgranrio and offers 794 vacancies for all levels of education., with 99 for immediate provision and 695 for reserve registration and calls according to the body's need during the validity period (6 months from the approval of the result, which may be extended)

  • Elementary School ⇒ The registration fee is R$37.00 and the remuneration will be R$1793.36 for the vacancies of lecturer
  • High school ⇒ The registration fee is R$47.00 and the remuneration varies from R$1321 to R$2984 for the vacancies of Bulk Driver Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Bulk Truck Driver, Electrical Maintenance Officer, Electronic Maintenance Officer, Mechanical Maintenance, Gas Operator, Installation Technician, Occupational Safety Technician and Chemical Technician.
  • University education ⇒The amount of remuneration will be between R$ 3583 and R$4894 for Junior Sales Professional, Administration Professional, Auditing Professional and Accounting Professional

The objective tests will be held in the following cities: Aracaju/SE, Belém/PA, Belo Horizonte/MG, Brasília/DF, Campo Grande/MS, Cuiabá/MT, Curitiba/PR, Florianópolis/SC, Fortaleza/CE, Goiânia/ GO, João Pessoa/PB, Natal/RN, Porto Alegre/RS, Recife/PE, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Salvador/BA, São Luís/MA, São Paulo/SP, Teresina/PI and Vitória/ES. Download the call for papers and access the registration link below:

  1. Download the 2018 Liquigás Contest Notice here
  2. Register for the 2018 Liquigás Contest here


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