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HR Consulting hires technical and practical professionals

Paulo Nogueira
23-04-2018 08:43:55
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In order to meet the company's industrial demand, the Consultancy publishes many job vacancies in many functions.

Consultancy in Human Resources with difficulty finding specific professionals to work in the industry, being forced to look for them on social networks and luckily, she is one of our connections. Inovar Consulting  is looking for production operators who know how to work with OXI LPG Welding, but before applying, stay tuned because Atlas Professionals is looking for an Offshore Electrician, the vacancies opened last week and you can check them out in the article we made.

The list of open opportunities at Inovar is much broader than what you will see below, but we are limited to operational vacancies, if you want to see all of them, at the end we leave a slide on youtube with all of them.


  • toolmakers
  • Tooling Assistant
  • Personnel Department Assistant
  • Quality Analyst
  • Materials Analyst
  • IT analyst
  • Administrative assistant
  • PCP Supervisor
  • Technical Assistance Technician
  • Painting Process Analyst


  • Chemistry Technician
  • PCD Production Assistant
  • Production engineer
  • head of production
  • Process analyst
  • Production Operators
  • driver and winch
  • OXI LPG welder
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Receptionist

There are three ways to apply: Sending your resume directly to the email, registering on the official website or taking it to the company's door. The contact to send your CV's is innova-selecao@inovarrh.com.br or francilane-sampaio@inovarrh.com.br. The website for registration is http://www.inovarrh.com.br/. The physical address is Avenida dos Codajás, nº 742, Cachoerinhas, in front of PAM da Codajás, which is the location of the Consultancy.

Recalling that UTC Engenharia was released by Petrobras to re-bid with the state-owned company under a leniency and fiscal responsibility agreement, many people were fired from the company in 2017 due to insurgencies between it and Petrobras. What we do know is that there was a meeting this month and there will be another one in a while to decide this issue, access the article here for more details.

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