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Construction of a gas pipeline linking the pre-salt layer to COMPERJ is fiercely disputed by 3 companies

Paulo Nogueira
20-02-2018 07:27:43
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The tender is for the ultra-shallow stretch of gas pipelines on route 3 that will connect the Santos Basin to Comperj. The great moment is coming.

O COMPERJ has been receiving a relentless range of bids to make the Brazilian oil machine run with more force. Each bidding stage represents a different type of service and getting companies specialized in them is extremely difficult due to their engineering particularities. Many even find it strange and think that the works will not come out, but understand, it's not a question of yes or no, but when.

Another important tender that is at stake now is the construction of the last 10km of undersea gas pipeline of route 3, which will connect COMPERJ to the pre-salt in the Santos Basin. This work is important so that we can dispose of all Brazilian production, otherwise production will be reduced and a lot of surplus gas will be burned, and that is literally losing money. See in the image below where the duct comes from

Companies that are in dispute

Three companies submitted proposals for the installation of the remaining gas pipelines that would interconnect the pre-salt layer to the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex: Allseas, McDermott and Sapura. It is worth mentioning that these were the only companies that presented and expertise for construction in shallow, deep and ultra-deep waters. Saipem, Subsea 7 and TechnipFMC were also invited to participate in the bidding, but ended up withdrew because they did not have the necessary expertise or the work was not economically viable.

Until then, the last stretch installed is installed on Jaconé beach, Rio de Janeiro, and the company Allseas had executed this last installation. Last week, Petrobras announced the bidding for the construction works of the remaining utilities (UTR-3), Construction of the Pipe-hack and 345 kV transmission line and a substation. There are a number of projects within Comperj that will greatly move the economy of Itaboraí and the cities that belong to Conlest

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