Start Construction contractor hiring a lot – We call and confirm

Construction contractor hiring a lot – We call and confirm

July 7, 2018 7:25 am to 07:25 am
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Good opportunity to work in an outsourced company within Usiminas in several positions, check it out

Construction contractor contracting heavy duty under absolute confirmation of the Click Oil and Gas, which will forward the CVs in this phase of the process. So stay tuned, because youYou must fill out a registration form and generate direct links to your resume via Google Drive or One Drive, so don't come with the idea that you can't do it, it's very easy and on Youtube it's possible to find tutorials easily, all you need is willpower if you really want a replacement in the market.

Available Positions

  • engineers
  • Technical
  • designers
  • mechanics
  • electricians

Differential, but not mandatory, requirements are: process experience, equipment in the areas of hot-dip galvanizing and lamination. Professionals from any state can be applied, as long as they are available to travel by their own resources at the time of the call, this is what Human Resources said in the call we made on July 6, 2018. Here is the description of the recruiter:

“We are in need of professionals to work in the internal area of Usiminas.
Engineers, technicians and designers, mechanics and electricians, with experience in process, equipment in the areas of hot dip galvanizing and lamination.
Send resume to
Help spread the word.”


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