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Construction company is receiving resumes today for works

Paulo Nogueira
18-01-2018 17:58:27
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Ekko Group

Large company in the field of civil and industrial construction wins contract for works and is taking on several functions

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A construction starts to have relief blows in 2018 due to new savings measures and tax deflation for large companies, this according to the government's budget plans from 2018. With this, companies from various segments now hold a little more reliable to start investing and injecting capital into the Brazilian economy.

THE company that is hiring today, according to its official disclosure on its communication portals, is the company Ekko Group, a large company specialized in civil construction and industrial assemblies. Its portfolio of vacancies today include the following functions:


  • storekeeper,
  • Engineering assistant,
  • Installation Manager,
  • Master of Works,
  • Planning Analyst,
  • Supply analyst,
  • Human Resources Analyst,
  • Personnel Department Analyst,


  • works administration,
  • Engineering intern,
  • Information Technology Assistant,
  • Project Analyst (Project Coordination),
  • Financial Analyst (Accounts Receivable),
  • Receptionist,
  • Legal Intern
  • Junior Lawyer.

Interested and within the role, please send your resume to selecao@ekkogroup.com.br, informing the function in the subject of the message and the city of residence. The company will open up opportunities for bricklayers, painters, electricians, helpers, plasterers, shipbuilders and other construction-related roles starting in February, so wait until the end of the month to send for these roles.

Join our job groups at Telegram and Whatsapp by clicking here, in them we directly publicize selection processes in the area throughout Brazil with publications by the companies themselves. Follow agent on the main social networks of the moment such as  Facebook,   linkedin,   Youtube,   Google and   EmailRemembering that there will be another Petrobras contest in 2018, get your study handouts by CLICKING HERE common to all positions and start studying now, don't leave it until the last minute. See the company's publication here.

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