Start Comperj with more works: Petrobras opens 3 more bids at UPGN

Comperj with more works: Petrobras opens 3 more bids at UPGN

February 15, 2018 7:58 pm to 19:58
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In addition, a Siemens group company presented a better budget and will develop engineering projects at Comperj for China's Shandong Kerui

O Comperj and its eternal endless polemic of works that never begin, a bureaucracy worthy of a fiction book. Despite this delay for the resumption of works, all procedures are being taken so that the project starts in the right way. We already knew that the Chinese Shandong Keru had won the bid to finish the UPGN, but these were just internal statements. In January 2018, Petrobras officially announced that it won the contract, with only the approval and signing of the contract remaining.

From the pronouncement, the Chinese opened a competition for companies that would like to develop the detail engineering project of the UPGN. Who ended up winning the competition was the company chemtech, a company in the same group as Siemens, which also took on the 2nd phase of the thermoelectric works at Porto do Açú in São João da Barra – RJ.

New Petrobras tenders will generate more jobs

According to the main business channels in Brazil, Petrobras has just opened 3 more bids for different works within the UPGN, the companies that are in the fight is still a mystery. The purpose of this new bidding round will be for infrastructure operations, they are for:

  • Construction of the remaining utilities (UTR-3)
  • Pipe hack construction
  • 345 kV transmission line and a substation.

The deadline for the Comperj and UPGN to start operating primarily after Petrobras' restructuring business plan would be in 2020, but the state-owned company announced that this project will be for 2023, due to the delay in starting the works. Hiring will begin at the end of the first half of 2018. With these new bids, the number of companies operating in the enterprise increases and, consequently, the number of job vacancies as well. For now, Shandong Keru, Method Potential and Chemtech make up the companies that have activities in the enterprise, with the announcement of the winners of these new bids in the coming months, this number will increase to six.

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