Start COMPERJ na Band: Date set for the start of the works cheers Itaboraí

COMPERJ na Band: Date set for the start of the works cheers Itaboraí

March 2, 2018 6:29 am to 6:29 am
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Comperj in the Band

The resumption of works on the natural gas processing unit at Comperj has left the residents of Itaboraí excited.

The resumption of investment in the Rio Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ) in Itaboraí in the metropolitan region, generated optimism in the city, especially for Simone, owner of a restaurant and an inn: ” We had losses not only with the stopped work, but also with some companies that stayed if they made payments to us, we are looking forward to the works come back with full force or at least half to the leverage city for good.”

O COMPERJ would be the largest industrial enterprise in the country, but 4 years ago it suffered a strong wave of layoffs due to the crisis at Petrobras. The complex was also investigated in the Lava-Jato operation and left the city abandoned. Stores closed or for rent, empty commercial rooms, buildings and enterprises stopped. Now, the completion of the works on the natural gas processing unit, essential for COMPERJ's operation, comes as a relief for the municipality, which is rehearsing the recovery of the economy.

“The expectation is very positive, even the agent imagines opening a flat in the coming months, already preparing for this, with an eye on the furniture of the people who come to work in the city”, exclaims Guilherme Lubrano, Business Administrator. Monday to Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment (ABIMAQ), the sector will have an impact of 18,300 jobs.” The resumption of investments and the return on completion of COMPERJ is fundamental for the Itaboraí region, which aspires to complete the project”, says Karine Fragoso, oil and gas manager at FIRJAN”.


The Natural Gas Processing Unit should generate around 5,000 direct jobs, according to the city hall. The forecast is that the works should be resumed in June of this year (2018). “Approximately 8 billion dollars will be handled in the UPGN, as for the refinery, Petrobras is looking for an international partner to complete it”, says the mayor of Itaboraí, Sadinoel Souza.

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