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Comperj: Company started receiving CVs for gas pipeline works in 2018

Paulo Nogueira
14-12-2017 11:58:13
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Comperj: Company started receiving CVs for gas pipeline works in 2018

The opportunities are for the construction of gas pipelines on line 3 in Itaboraí Comperj. See requirements and positions.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Finally the first clear sign that the Comperj works are already coming with everything and a prelude that finally things will start to gear up for good. Take, for example, the declaration of the President of Petrobras who was in Macaé on the 12th announcing an investment of 75 billion reais in the Campos Basin, and the city will be at the epicenter of these investments.[read the article herei]. Now Itaboraí lives the expectation of an immediate resumption of the works.

But before starting the activities of the UPGN, it will be necessary to start the works of gas pipelines from route 3 to Itaboraí, that's what today's publication is about. The company concremat, an outsourced firm contracted for these activities, began capturing CVs for hiring in 2018. Look, they are not Comperj's, they are parallel operations of the gas pipeline works, this has to be clear in your mind.

Concremat is currently hiring only Welders and Inspectors, do not send resumes if it is not to be vacant. Companies now have resources to block unwanted emails and emails from people that interfere with the selective processes in progress, don't worry because when you open for other functions, Click Petróleo e Gás will exclusively report here on the page. Concremat's email is jose.sales@concremat.com.br, stating in the subject the role of welder or inspector. See the publication here.

Join our job groups at Telegram and Whatsapp by clicking here, in them we directly publicize selection processes in the area throughout Brazil with publications by the companies themselves. Follow agent on the main social networks of the moment such as  Facebook   linkedin   Youtube   Google   Email. Remembering that there will be another Petrobras contest in 2018, get your study handouts by CLICKING HERE common to all positions and start studying now, don't leave it until the last minute.

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