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Comperj approaching: Brasília just released US$ 3.2 billion for construction to begin

Paulo Nogueira
07-08-2017 14:13:01
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The money for the Comperj works is already in the cashier of Petrobras and the federal deputy said that the works will be officially completed by the end of 2017.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Federal deputy Altineu Côrtes visited Comperj in Itaboraí-RJ last week after a request from Brasília. He is also a member of the Committee on Mines and Energy of the Federal Chamber. According to Cortês, the government released about US$3.2 billion (at today's price, it would be R$10 billion) for the project and it has already been deposited in the state-owned company's account to start in 2018. He also guarantees that at least 6,000 direct jobs will be generated with this injection of net value into the project.

The meeting took place on the 28th with mayors from all locations, Petrobras representatives and other people linked to the legislature of these municipalities. Cortês said that the visit had the objective of evaluating the conditions of the work, listening to the demands of each city involved, he said he was very satisfied and that the effort was worth it.

Asked about the real perspective of the beginning of the works, he said at the moment the works are in two distinct stages:

stage 1

It is the release of money from the Federal Government for the start of the works, which will process 19 million m³ of gas daily and which will represent 21% of everything that is produced in Brazil. He also adds that this work will be out by the end of 2017.

stage 2

It is the proposal of a Chinese multinational, which is making available US$5 billion in Petrobras for investments. This amount is not all for Comperj, she also wants inject part of this money in Porto do Açú, which is located in the municipality of São João da Barra-RJ. (Click here to see where he wants to apply the money). But part of this amount that she wants to invest, she wants to finish the UPGN works, which will further enhance the generation of jobs in Itaboraí.

He recalls how colossal it is and what justifies this investment: ” There are 300 km of gas pipelines coming from the Santos Basins in offshore units, most of which are submerged in our seas and will generate 3 million m³ more than the main petrochemical complex currently operating in the country. In other words, these works will take the oil industry to the next level.”


Altineu Côrtes also said that he wants the workforce to be local, from the municipalities that are part of Conlest, but for that, it is necessary that the professionals seek qualification so that the project can give priority to these people. Source: the São Gonçalo

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