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Comperj and the verdict: Political leaders met to discuss priorities for the work

Paulo Nogueira
21-07-2017 21:57:48
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Comperj and the verdict Political leaders met to discuss priorities for the work

With COMPERJ in front of the goal, the top hats of Itaboraí have already defined and directed the priorities of the Work. Find out how it will affect you

On the 19th (Wednesday), COMPERJ was one of the most talked about topics by the political leadership of Itaboraí. It turns out that the works on this complex in the city are already about to be resumed and many politicians are “concerned” with the socio-economic issue of the city. It appears that someone received some outside information about the venture which immediately resulted in an extraordinary meeting to set priorities. The people facing this meeting were the deputy mayor of Itaboraí, Wanderson Dias, the secretary of security, Vicenildo Medeiros, the secretary of social development, Edson Piazzi and the undersecretary of civil defense, Major Marlon Pina.

When the works began at the time, around 30,000 job opportunities were generated in the municipality

Eduardo Lopes said that they talked about monitoring the amendments of parliament on this issue, to support the city. He also endorsed that today, Itaboraí has more than 200,000 residents and according to the city hall data, about 20,000 are without formal employment.
In a meeting with the Senator, Vicenlido Medeiros, who happens to be the secretary and coordinator of the Brazilian Republican Party, he stressed that the benefits of the work must be a total priority for the people of Itaboraí, followed by the municipalities that make up the Conlest.


Already foreseeing possible retaliation on the part of the population of Itaboraí when the UPGN works begin, it seems that there will be some amendment or decree that will require proof of fixed and proper residence from candidates for the vacancy. You will also need a certificate from the Electoral Justice who voted or justified the same in the last 2 years. You may also be interested in The article in the Petrobras official note about COMPERJ

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