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Empresa Metal Mecânica opened a big hiring: Check the link, address and e-mail to send CVs

Paulo Nogueira
09-01-2018 11:57:09
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Workers from anywhere in Brazil can apply for Empresa Metal Mecânica. Listen to the audio and functions!

Workers from anywhere in Brazil can apply for Empresa Metal Mecânica. Listen to the audio and functions!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Metal Mechanics Company called Multiserv Industrial Solutions opened a great selection process shortly after winning a contract for activities at its hub in Rio Grande do Sul. But don't worry because your geographic locations will not be a problem, as long as you hold the attributions for the positions that will be disclosed below. But before you go any further, stay tuned for Porto do Açú started to receive CVs for the construction of the thermoelectric plant, see the details to apply here.

Call made to Multiserv on 01/8/2018

The vacancies available that multiserv opened, are for the following functions: Painters, Boilers, Mechanical Turners, Mills, Maintenance Mechanics and Locksmiths. As you can see in the audio above, in the call made by Paulo Nogueira, manager of the Click Petróleo e Gás website. The operations will be in Rio Grande do Sul and reinforcing that workers from any region can apply. See requirements and contacts:


  • Minimum experience of 1 year
  • Complete primary education
  • Proven course in the field
  • Workplace – Venâncio Aires and Santa Cruz do Sul/RS.
  • Working hours – Monday to Friday, from 7:30 to 17:18

⇒ If interested and within the requirements, send your CV to rh@multservrs.com.br with the job title. Those approved will have the following benefits: Transportation voucher, food, life insurance, health plan and salary compatible with the category. Take advantage because the requirements are very modest, there are other companies that are asking for a "Superman" to perform pawn services today.

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