Company develops box that uses solar energy to expand clean and cheap energy around the world

Fábio Lucas
12-05-2022 13:53:38
in Renewable energy
clean energy solar solar panel Image credits: Mariano Silva/PowerBlox

LEGO-like solar boxes are being produced by a company in Switzerland. Technology can increase clean energy supply in poor countries around the world

A company from Switzerland comes Working into a revolutionary device that could change the way poor countries around the world deal with clean energy. from afar, the PBX-200, equipment developed by Power-Blox, looks like a cooler you take with you for a weekend at the beach. However, it is exactly the opposite of what it appears at first glance.  

The solar box has batteries that are powered by portable solar panels. The designers' inspiration came from a school of fish, as the equipment also carries the characteristics of growing, dividing or regrouping, as well as a shoal.  

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The solar box system has a big advantage over other technologies that use solar energy. The main one is that to increase the amount of energy available to power a community, the blocks can be easily connected to each other, creating a kind of mini electrical grid. 

The PBX-200 system consists of power cubes with built-in batteries. The technology has either lead or lithium-ion batteries inside. Each solar box has the ability to generate up to 200 watts of alternating current. 

The equipment can be powered by a solar power unit or any other type of clean energy source. Only one unit already has the capacity to supply the demands of a common residence.  

clean energy solar solar panel
Electric box in operation in Africa: MARIANO SILVA/PowerBlox

Another very positive side of the equipment is that its handling does not require specialized technical knowledge. When the power demand increases, the PBX-200s can be connected to each other within minutes. 

The PBX-200 system is one of the most advanced in the world 

The technology has a huge advantage over similar equipment, as it can be installed in poor countries and remote areas around the world. The company has supplied nearly 2,000 power blocks around the world, helping to provide renewable energy in isolated places in the world. 

One of the biggest obstacles to the growth of the use of technology in remote and poor regions of the world is the prices of batteries. However, researchers are already working on ways to make it even more sustainable and cheaper.  

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