Companies Develop World's Fastest Charger for Electric Cars; technology is able to complete battery in just 15 minutes

Valdemar Medeiros
10-05-2022 13:39:23
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electric car - electric cars - electric stations - chargers Ultra-fast charging station as a result of a partnership between Eviny and ABB -Image: Disclosure

Companies in Norway have developed new 'super fast' chargers for electric cars. The product has a maximum capacity of 360 kW and is capable of fully charging a battery-powered vehicle in just 15 minutes.

Norway received on Monday (9) two chargers for electric cars of the Terra 360 model, which is capable of fully charging an electric car in just 15 minutes. THE electrical station It has a maximum capacity of 360 kW, which is much higher than most current fast chargers, which have a power ranging between 50 and 150 kW. The equipment was installed in the ski resort of Norway, located in the city of Geilo and also in the Oasen Shopping Center, in the city of Bergen, the second largest in the country. Each of the chargers is capable of charging two vehicles at the same time. The project is the result of a partnership between ABB and Eviny, both are suppliers of chargers for electric cars.

Electric station for electric cars work in extreme climates

ABB installed the first Terra 360 chargers – Playback/Youtube

The two chargers for electric cars will serve as a “pilot project” and should be followed by a larger installation in the country and also in Sweden. According to the ABB and eviny, manufacturers of the product, they serve as a small demonstration of the technology's ability to work in extreme weather conditions.

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Norway, which has a territory slightly larger than the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo combined, is trying to become the first country to eliminate the sale and use of cars with combustion engines of gasoline and diesel by 2025. Electric cars accounted for about 64.5% of new vehicle sales in the country last year, nearly two out of every three vehicles.

Eviny already has over 400 fast chargers currently installed in over 150 locations across Norway. According to Eviny's CEO in a note, Jannicke Hilland, the transition to the use of electric cars is expanding rapidly in Norway and to continue leading the transition, it is necessary to implement the charging stations faster. The executive also highlights that the company is proud to be the first in the world to use ABB's product.

Additional information about the ultra-fast charger

The ABB company announced the world's fastest charger in 2021 and the product received share offers of US$ 3 billion, which at the time was the equivalent of R$ 16.1 billion.

The equipment can deliver, in just 3 minutes of charging, 100 km of autonomy and is aimed at commercial customers, being ideal for refueling stations, commercial parking and charging vehicle fleets. The charger has a maximum output of 360 kW, dramatically reducing queuing time.

Swiss company develops portable charger

The Swiss company Juice Technology, is developing a new portable charger for electric cars that can be adapted to type 2 and 1 sockets, and of small dimensions, making its transport much easier and uncomplicated.

The purpose of the charger is to offer an alternative when there is no accessible charging station for battery-powered vehicles. The company also states in a note that it is necessary to make energy more accessible to drivers of electric models.

The product acts as a 22 kW portable charging station that works on all electric vehicles with type 2 or 1 charging sockets, making it possible for it to be functional all over the world. The company highlights that this is possible due to a system of adapters that act similarly to a Universal USB hub that unifies all charging sockets.

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