Companies are more concerned about ESG for tax reduction and green marketing

Daiane Souza
26-04-2022 16:05:34
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Companies are more concerned about ESG for tax reduction and green marketing - Source: Canvas Companies are more concerned about ESG for tax reduction and green marketing – Source: Canvas

The ESG Leaders Forum event is scheduled to take place at the beginning of June in the city of São Paulo, capital. Debates on the subject began to intensify since the year 2020. And the research being carried out proves that it is intensifying because of the pandemic and trends in relation to the environment.

The acronym of ESG is nothing more than the meaning for Environmental, social and corporate governance. In other words, governance with environmental priority. It happens when the governance of a particular company is concerned with sustainability and the attitudes that the brand has and that can improve the environment in which we live. Keeping up with good practices is seen as a way to practice green marketing and, of course, attract more customers to a given name.

What is ESG and how does this acronym affect your investments? Watch a video that talks about

The video below belongs to the channel of InfoMoney and discusses what this acronym is about and how it can profoundly influence when it comes to business investment. Many companies are carrying out environmental and sustainable practices for various purposes, which go far beyond a simple concern for the environment in which they live, such as the reduction of tax collection and publicity, given that, nowadays, consumers are increasingly concerned about waste production, sustainability, etc.

Covid-19 has accelerated the concern of companies with good environmental practices

THE Brazilian Association of Business Communication (Aberje) conducted a survey in the state of São Paulo with about 79 brands and determined that at least 95% of them all argue that ESG is among the priorities for the year 2022. In addition, 33% of all companies argue that the acronym is among the most discussed topics (three main topics), while the other 22% said that environmental practices and ways to improve the environment are at the top of the list.

Vania Lúcia Lima de Andrade, director of ABM – Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining, spoke about the matter and stated that she was already expecting a similar result. According to her, it is being predicted that with each passing day, the situation will become more complex and companies will take even deeper attitudes to reduce the use of water in its processes, ensure more savings and produce less waste.

The financial market is already aware that brands that have been practicing good practices since their inception, are less likely to go wrong in the market. They still get more favorable financing with lower interest rates from banks. Not to mention that, on the Stock Exchange, they have the chance to experience a much greater appreciation.

Event is scheduled to take place

The Leaders Forum will meet between June 7th and 9th to discuss the impacts caused by ESG for companies. The event is in its sixth edition. Meetings are scheduled for the Pro Magno Event Center, in Sao Paulo. Finally, it will be possible to know what is the opinion of the biggest managers of companies that are in the state of São Paulo and throughout the country. In this way, it is an ideal event for brands that are constantly growing and looking for innovation in the market. 

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