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Immerse yourself in the revelation: platforms, signings and the outlook for 2018

Paulo Nogueira
12-12-2017 16:54:05
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All the information we have obtained so far about Imetame after it got the tender for the maintenance of Petrobras platforms.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The offshore branch last month was deeply shaken after Imetame Metal Mecânica won a mega contract for platform maintenance in the Campos Basin, but little was revealed and not many details were given. The first time, we went to the company PERSONALLY and it was said that they were receiving CVs at the door, we posted them on the Click Petróleo e Gás page, shortly afterwards a real army of workers went to the company's door to leave their CVs, but it turned out that many NO THEY READ THE MATTER CORRECTLY and thought it was a direct hiring at the door. Imetema withdrew and ended up releasing a note saying that the capture of resumes is only by e-mail. To prove that our portal only posts true and confirmed news, see the videos below of the company, with email and address:

As you have heard, hiring will be divided into 2 stages: in the first, she will call former employees who, due to the crisis at Petrobras, ended up being terminated from the company, so if you have already worked at Imetame, call there and say that you have already done so. part of the staff or go straight there. In the second stage, the other professionals will be classified according to their professional competences. Anyone who wants to, can take their resume there, yes, there is a box at the concierge for you to put your resume, take it inside an envelope so you don't get crumpled.


As you well know, the bids that Petrobras opened were divided into 3 lots: A, B and C, Imetame won lot A according to our information (if we are wrong, please correct us, because we get this information from third parties, although we trust them), which make up the P-19, P-23, P-18, P-20, P-33, P-35 and P-37 platforms.

On the Petrobras “transparency” portal, in the option of active contracts and bids, you can also check the validity of some. We took a screen print to facilitate some contracts that she still has with Imetame, some will still expire in December 2018, check them out below or you can go directly to the state-owned company's website:

There will still be other bids, there are still cartridges to spend on lots B and C. There are still many companies in the fight and there will be many hirings in 2018. Click Petróleo e Gás has already prepared the ground and we are strategically positioned with the best sources, agreements with advisors press and some companies that publish directly with us, so you know that your official oil portal is here. So stay tuned because 2018 is ours!

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