Cacau Show announces selection process with 117 new job openings in more than ten Brazilian states

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09-05-2022 10:24:15
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Cacau Show, a company in the food sector, is offering hundreds of job openings in various locations in Brazil for different positions and training levels.

Cacau Show, a company in the food sector that gives its name to one of the most famous brands of chocolate, announced this Thursday (5) the opening of hundreds of job vacancies in several cities in Brazil. It is worth noting that the company is providing opportunities due to its full expansion in the domestic market. Professionals from São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul and other states can apply for the company's opportunities.

Cocoa Show: Job Opportunities Available

Below we separate some of the job openings available at Infojobs da Cacau Show and their respective assignments, check them out:

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Store manager

Responsible for creating store strategies to expand the number of customers, optimize profitability and expand store traffic. Furthermore, it guarantees high levels of customer satisfaction through good service.

Service Leader

Responsible for leading the telephone and personal service team, reviewing scripts and support materials and participating in the creation of processes. It also applies training, applies feedback and reports results to management.

Store Operator

Responsible for assisting in trade activities, product control from reception to conference, cleaning and organization of the store, among others. 

Customer Service Assistant

Responsible for intermediating the contact between franchisees and the franchisor, helping to resolve doubts or demands, providing good service and returning within the agreed deadlines, generating results and satisfaction for the business.

Service Consultant

Responsible for making contact with customers to support the identified difficulties or clarify doubts in the difficulties encountered. Participates in the improvement of the company's service processes.

Sr. Fraud Investigation Analyst

Responsible for carrying out objective, impartial, complete and timely investigations into allegations of fraud, misconduct or waste arising from activities carried out by employees, peers and suppliers or service providers.

Apply for jobs at Cacau Show

Those who are interested in Cacau Show job openings should access the company's opportunities website at infojobs. On the website, you can find all open opportunities and their respective workplaces.

Carefully read the requirements demanded by Cacau Show in each position. To register, you will need to fill in some data on the site, such as Full Name, E-mail, Zip Code, Address, CPF, Telephone, among others.

The company did not disclose salaries, but did disclose some benefits such as Basic Food Basket, Profit Sharing, Life Insurance, Meal on the Spot, Transportation Voucher, among others.

About the company

Cacau Show is a companythe food sector, headquartered in itapevi, in the state of Sao Paulo. It is a Brazilian chocolate brand founded in 1988. The company is present in several states of Brazil and has more than 2 thousand stores spread over a thousand municipalities, becoming one of the largest chocolate store chains in the world, earning more than one billion of reais per year.

Currently, the company has 5 factories that are capable of producing 12 thousand tons of chocolate, in the municipalities of Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Curitiba, Itapevi and São Paulo.

The company began its activities on Easter 1988, when Alexandre Tadeu da Costa, 17, decided to resell chocolates and received an order for 2,000 eggs of 50 grams. Tadeu did it all in three days, with the help of a lady who produced homemade chocolate, with 18-hour workdays.

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