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Clean energy company wins contract in Brazil for wind farm operations and is hiring

Paulo Nogueira
05-01-2018 11:57:12
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windseven renewable wind energy

Windseven is one of Brazil's largest clean energy companies and is taking on many roles, no matter where you live!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Clean energy it is one of the great events of our time and it is here to stay, soon it will replace fossil fuels that are finite and that greatly pollute the environment we live in, this is a fact and there is nothing that will change that. Aiming at the abundance of this resource in the national territory, the windseven has been preparing for a long time to enter this market and open new economic horizons.

THE Windseven is specialized in manufacturing, development and operations in wind energy across Brazil and around the world. In our territory, it has an industrial center in Sorocaba-SP and has already participated in wind farm constructions that add up to more than 3,988MW of installed power, with more than 15 in its portfolio of services in its segment, the company does not need any kind of criticism. regarding its competence.


Windseven, through its recruitment team, announced on social media its selection process for a large enterprise and needs workers from the most varied backgrounds. Click Oil and Gas asks you readers, that only send your CVs if you have the assignments you ask for, it's no use sending CVs whose qualifications you don't have, you'll just be frustrated because the company doesn't give you a response and will block your contact. The company will be frustrated, because you keep filling their inbox, interfering with the selection process and so will we, because you end up not getting anything and say that the page puts a lie. See the example here of the case of the company CBRE accusing an agent of posting false vacancies, but we save and print everything, in case our portal is accused.

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Site Manager, Electrical Supervisor, Civil Supervisor, Quality Inspector, Planner, Administrative Assistant, Surveyor, Safety Technician, Environmental Technician, Accountant, Storekeeper, Technical Assistance Technician, Electrical Assemblers, Electrician, Logistics Supervisor, Assembly and Repair Assistants in Fiber. Please send your curriculum vitae by email atendimento@windseven.com.br. Proof of experience and qualifications required for vacancies, immediate start.

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