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Chinese Shipyard completes the P-75 integration works, watch the video

Paulo Nogueira
17-05-2018 09:50:41
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Video of the P-75 ready to come to Brazil and produce in Brazilian waters, check out the footage of the platform made by Drones at the shipyard

Chartered by Petrobras to operate in the Búzios Field, the Chinese shipyard in Cosco has just announced that it has completed the integration of the P-75 and is now in the process of preparing to send it to Brazil as soon as possible. Your trip should take about 30 minutes across the continent. Just below, there is a beautiful footage made through drones of the platform, check it out and see all angles of the unit.

Despite being a beautiful job to behold, shipyards in Brazil cannot compete with China because their labor is extremely cheaper and they pay few taxes. Specialists in the sector even say that the Brazilian naval industry does nothing until 2020, we will be totally broke and unable to operate in this market. Check out the article here that deals with this subject in a more analytical way and see the arguments that support this latent and recurring problem in our industry.

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