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Government authorizes privatization plans in 16 airports, including Congonhas

Ministry of Infrastructure awaits airport auctions later this year with government privatization authorization On the 19th […]

PER May 20, 2022 11:06 pm

Changes in Petrobras' freight will not have major effects on fuel prices and may make it difficult to export oil, according to Ineep experts

With a possible change in Petrobras' freight rules, the fuel market begins to analyze possible scenarios […]

PER May 19, 2022 12:41 pm

Bahiagás signs first private contracts with TAG for natural gas transport services in the state

The state of Bahia will begin to receive natural gas from TAG through the transport services that will be offered […]

PER May 18, 2022 11:40 pm

Ocyan signs a contract with Petrobras to offer services aimed at FPSO-type offshore platforms

Petrobras will rely on Ocyan's maintenance services for the next 4 years to ensure the best infrastructure […]

PER May 14, 2022 2:11 am

Find out how your company can reduce the value of freight and circumvent the increase in fuel

High Shipping Can Make Customers Give Up Buying São Paulo, May 11, 2022 – In online businesses, […]

PER May 13, 2022 8:44 am

Porto Seco in Ponta Porã (MS) will become a logistics hub with investment of R$ 20 million in infrastructure works

Through a Public-Private Partnership, Porto Seco de Ponta Porã will have a total investment of R$ 20 […]

PER May 12, 2022 2:47 pm

Increase in the price of diesel announced by Petrobras will increase the cost of the entire cargo transport logistics chain

Setcemg's projections point out that the readjustment in the value of the liter of diesel announced by Petrobras will bring a […]

PER May 12, 2022 1:35 pm

Comexport will invest R$ 100 million in startups to expand efficiency in export and import processes in Brazilian ports

With the investment of R$ 100 million in startups, Comexport aims to solve the main problems of export logistics […]

PER May 11, 2022 1:57 pm

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