Start Carrefour is offering more than 700 job openings for candidates from SP, RJ, MS and RS

Carrefour is offering more than 700 job openings for candidates from SP, RJ, MS and RS

April 28, 2022 1:28 pm to 1:28 pm
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Carrefour hires for more than 700 job openings; see how to sign up – image: Reproduction/brasil123

Carrefour has just announced the opening of hundreds of job openings for professionals from SP, RJ, MS and RS in positions such as operator, promoter, seller, butcher, fishmonger and several others.

Carrefour, a supermarket group that stands out as one of the largest chains worldwide, announced this Tuesday (26) the opening of several job vacancies for candidates with complete high school, higher education or technical courses in the states of São Paulo. Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. It is worth remembering that, with more than 60 years of foundation, Carrefour has more than 360 thousand employees spread across 33 countries.

List of job vacancies available at Carrefour supermarket chain

The company has more than 700 job openings in various areas, so we have separated some of the most important opportunities available, check out:

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  • Electro Seller;
  • In charge Maintenance;
  • Sales Promoter Cards;
  • Fishmonger;
  • CD Operator;
  • Butcher's Manager;
  • Hypermarket / Grocery Operator;
  • Pharmacist (Drogaria Carrefour);
  • Gas Station Box;
  • Commercial Manager Grocery;
  • Grocery Manager;
  • Sub manager;
  • Post Manager;
  • Commercial Operator I – Card Sale;
  • Drug Store Clerk;
  • Hyper Cash Operator – PT;
  • Store Operator – Bakery;
  • Cashier – Shopping Boulevard.
  • Baker;
  • Lecturer;
  • Supervisor - Integrated Logistics - Supply;
  • Young Apprentice Operator;
  • Card Clerk (Card Sales);
  • repository;
  • Packer;
  • Butcher;
  • Pharmacy attendant;
  • Confectioner.

Finally, the company also offers several other job vacancies on your website. In addition to permanent positions, the company offers opportunities for interns and apprentices. Most of the vacancies are aimed at the position of store salesman, which has 50 vacancies.

What are the number of vacancies per city at Carrefour?

Below is a list of the number of job openings opened by Carrefour by city:

  • São Paulo – 187 vacancies;
  • Rio Grande do Sul- 65 vacancies;
  • Goiás – 16 vacancies;
  • Rio de Janeiro – 15 vacancies;
  • Paraná – 13 vacancies;
  • Minas Gerais – 10 vacancies;
  • Amazonas – 7 vacancies;
  • Mato Grosso do Sul – 6 vacancies;
  • Rio Grande do Norte – 5 vacancies;
  • Federal District – 3 vacancies;
  • Espírito Santo – 3 vacancies;
  • Ceará – 1 vacancy;
  • Pará – 1 vacancy;
  • Pernambuco – 1 vacancy;
  • Santa Catarina – 1 vacancy.

Those interested in applying for Carrefour job openings should access the company's opportunities website and select a job.

It is necessary to read all the information provided by the company on the website and make an application using personal data. The company makes available to those hired in job vacancies several benefits such as medical assistance, transportation vouchers, dental assistance, profit sharing, among others.

Discover Carrefour

With more than 40 years present in the Brazilian market, the Carrefour Group has been a pioneer in national retail, with a presence in the lives of millions of people every day through its extensive network of stores and a constant challenge to improve the quality of the food available.

The company is present in the sale of food and non-food products in more than 150 cities, in all 26 states of the country and in the Federal District. Its brands, Atacadão and Carrefour, are among the most recognized in the hypermarket and self-service wholesale formats in Brazil.

Among retailers, the company stands out as the largest credit card operator in Brazil and the only consumer credit company that operates autonomously among the largest in the national food retail sector, an activity carried out through Banco Carrefour.

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