Start Burger King announces the opening of 1500 job openings for candidates from all over Brazil

Burger King announces the opening of 1500 job openings for candidates from all over Brazil

April 20, 2022 10:48 am to 10:48 am
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Most of the available positions are to work within the Burger King – BK restaurant chain. However, there are also job openings in the area of technology, marketing, administration, among other areas.

the restaurant chain BK Master, owner of the Burger King and Popeyes brands in Brazil, announced on Monday (18) that it has thousands of job openings in its franchises and also corporate vacancies. There are more than 1500 jobs, in several fronts of operation of both brands. Of the vacancies available, about 1492 vacancies are to work in the chain of local restaurants of Burger King and Popeyes in the Northeast, Midwest, South and Southeast regions. BK Master also has 35 openings for the corporate area of the network, in the areas of technology, finance, marketing and sales, people and management, operations and engineering.

Open vacancies BK and Popeyes, in Brazil

It is important to point out that the vacancies for the two restaurant chains vary according to the location of the respective establishments, while the corporate vacancies are to work at the BK Master office, which is located in Barueri, São Paulo.

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The most popular vacancies are in the technology area, because like any brand in the process of expansion, it is difficult to find professionals in the technology area – even if there are many available in the market.

Just for the technology area, there are 10 open positions on several fronts, ranging from software and data engineering to digital business analyst and PO (product owner). As for the vacancies available for the two restaurant chains, BK is looking for professionals who are able to occupy a leadership role in the company's teams. Some vacancies such as Restaurant Manager and Shift Coordinator are positions open to those who wish to work in daily contact with the consumer public.  

Requirements and Benefits

For each of the vacancies to be filled, whether corporate or in restaurants, candidates must have the skills and requirements according to the vacancy they wish to occupy. For example, for the position of Restaurant Manager it is necessary that the candidate has higher education, for the vacancies of Service, it is necessary to have finished high school, in addition to having a technical course in maintenance.

You can check more details about the requirements on the application platform. All vacancies, without exception, are under the CLT contracting regime and BK offers several benefits to employees, which apply both to corporate vacancies and to vacancies in the company's restaurants.

The benefits include a Health and Dental Plan, which may include dependents, Meal/Food Vouchers, Transportation Vouchers or Chartered Vehicles, Gympass, Life Insurance, Financial, Legal and Psychological Advisory Program, in addition to annual variable income. For employees in the corporate area, there is also the possibility of working in a hybrid model, that is, going to the office only twice a week and working online, in a home office regime, on the other days.

How to apply for one of the jobs at Burger King?

BK Brasil also announced the creation of a Talent Bank exclusively for black people and people with disabilities, with the aim of reinforcing the representation of both within the company.

According to Larissa Schaedler, People and Management Manager at BK Brasil, the company believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are important to maintain competitiveness in the job market.

All those interested in occupying one of the vacancies at BK Brasil will be able to check all the positions and their requirements within the official company page on LinkedIn. To register, the interested party must contact a service bot of the company through WhatsApp via number (11) 94317-6360.

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