Bureau Veritas joins 3R Petroleum to ensure the safety of oil and gas operations in the country

Paulo Nogueira
07-05-2022 12:52:23
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Bureau Veritas worker in an offshore unit symbolizing new horizons in contract with 3R Petroleum Source: Bureau Veritas

The BV group becomes responsible for analyzing the operations at 3R Petroleum's facilities that are spread throughout Brazil. The objective is to ensure both operational and professional safety.

In April, the company Bureau Veritas announced that it will be responsible for the internal audits of the facilities of the Brazilian company 3R Petroleum, which operates in the energy sector of oil and gas. The purpose of this agreement is to assess whether 3R's operations are in full accordance with the technical guidelines of the National Petroleum Agency.

Based on this analysis, it will be possible to develop strategies to ensure risk prevention on oil platforms. In addition, analyzes of the potential impact on the safety of professionals, the environment and the community must be carried out.

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The director of Maritime and Offshore at Bureau Veritas, Márcio Pereira, comments that Bureau Veritas has been operating in the market for over 190 years and that the company has already collaborated so that thousands of other companies could develop and expand their businesses.

He believes that in relation to 3R Petroleum it will be no different, for Márcio, the company is still young and has a lot of potential, which makes collaboration between the companies a harmonious relationship.

Rating points at 3R Petroleum

The goal to be accomplished by the BV group is to assess how much 3R's operational management system is in line with the guidelines established by the ANP in relation to drilling, production and handling of oil, derivatives and natural gas.

The investigation will reach 3R's onshore facilities and offshore facilities, the company's internal safety regulations must also be taken into account.

The assessment process must be carried out by a team that specializes in the legislation of the oil and gas sector, in addition to maritime and land operations. It must include the planning of the audit, technical visit to the facilities, interviews and the preparation of a report with the result of the evaluation plus suggestions for improvements to be made.

3R poles to be evaluated and covered by the BV group audit are:

  • In Rio Grande do Norte: Macau, Pescada, Areia Branca and Potiguar Poles;
  • In Bahia: Rio Ventura and Recôncavo Hubs;
  • In Ceará: Polo Fazenda Belém;
  • In Espírito Santo: Polo Peroá;
  • In Rio de Janeiro: Polo Papa-Terra.

Each of the poles will be submitted to specific procedures related to the type of installation, onshore or offshore, and to the applicable resolutions: SGSO, RTDT, SGI, SGSS and SGIP.

The CEO of 3R Petroleum, Ricardo Savini, believes that the expertise and relevance of the BV group can have a relevant impact on the company. Ricardo states that 3R is today one of the largest private and independent oil and gas operators. And that the company is focused on ensuring safety is its core value as they ramp up production.

Ricardo Savini also states that the partnership with BV is fundamental in the plans for optimizing 3R's operations. The focus of this collaboration is to ensure operational efficiency and risk control, always with total respect for people and the environment.

About the Bureau Veritas Group

Bureau Veritas is the world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). Active since 1828, the Group is present in 140 countries, serving more than 400,000 customers. It has around 80,000 employees located in more than 1,600 offices and laboratories around the world, of which 5,000 professionals are in Brazil.

About 3R Petroleum

3R Petroleum is a publicly traded Brazilian company focused on the production of oil and gas, on land (onshore) and sea (offshore). 3R has a portfolio of nine assets, in five Brazilian states.

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