Start Brazilian Startup company focused on the development of Smart Cities receives millionaire investment to develop environmental solutions

Brazilian Startup company focused on the development of Smart Cities receives millionaire investment to develop environmental solutions

May 13, 2022 8:41 am to 08:41
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Smart cities are the ideal model of society, using natural resources more effectively | Source: Canva Pro

Stattus4 receives investment of R$1.4 million from the Venture Capital group in Brazil and focuses on reducing water losses for sustainability

Stattus4 is a type of Startup company that aims to create environmental solutions from the interpretation of data on natural resources, especially water resources. In this way, distributors can more effectively measure the use of water resources and natural gas and avoid unnecessary losses. This concept of sustainability is part of the smart cities, who seek to use their resources more effectively.

DOMO Invest, one of Venture Capital's managers in Brazil, liked what it saw and decided to invest R$1.4 million in this Startup company, betting on improving the use of water resources. According to the CEO of Stattus4, if water resources were saved at a rate of 20%, we would already have enough quantity to distribute drinking water to more than 35 million Brazilians.

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The CTO and founders of the company, Antônio Carlos de Oliveira Jr, also emphasizes that there is still a great waste of water in the country's cities, due to the lack of adequate monitoring. Also according to the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS), potable water lost in distribution reaches the mark of 40.1%. It is a considerable number when you have a rate of 84% of Brazilians who have treated water for consumption.

Therefore, they looked for a way to use artificial intelligence to detect possible losses of this drinking water and found about 7 thousand leaks, correcting in time. Thus, they managed to save the equivalent of 43 Olympic swimming pools a day. The figure below shows the impact that the company had on the identification of leaks in the national territory.

Infographic about More than 20,000 leaks have already been identified in almost half of the national territory | Source: Status4
More than 20 thousand leaks have already been identified in almost half of the national territory | Source: Status4

Startup Stattus4 will expand its business internationally and bring new, even more accurate environmental solutions for monitoring water resources

This Startup company focused on environmental solutions had an impressive growth of 280% per year and now, with this millionaire investment, it intends to expand the market to Latin America and Portugal. In this way, the company will consolidate its expansion beyond the national territory, taking the concept of Smart Cities and Industrial Intelligence.

One of the main improvements of the Startup company for the coming years is the 4Fluid IoT software, which can identify possible water leaks and 4Gas that collects data on natural gas consumption. All this information is collected, through sensors and telemetry, and sent to a cloud server that will allow the analysis.

Stattus4 emerged with the objective of proposing environmental solutions and identified the need to avoid loss of natural resources

In 2014, thinking about the concept of smart cities, Marília Lara Marcondes and Antônio Carlos de Oliveira Jr, founded Stattus4, to create environmental solutions. However, it was only with the participation of an electric geophone project that they saw the importance and the difficulty that exists to identify data on possible losses of drinking water, such as leaks.

So, they thought about adopting the use of sensors based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert the collected data into plausible information. In this way, they were able to create products capable of preventing losses of water resources in a real way, through awareness actions, and apparently, with monitoring of possible leaks and problems in water distribution.

Considering the importance of this initiative for society, Cesar Pinela, manager at DOMO Invest, comments that the environmental solutions proposed by Status4 meet an urgent demand in society, contributing to the effective management of gas and water distributors. In addition, the use of industry 4.0 technology to solve problems puts the Startup company in a position directly linked to the concept of Smart Cities.

Understand a little more about the company Startup Stattus4 in the video below.

Stattus4 aims to promote the rational use of vital resources, especially water | Source: PopcornLab

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