Start Brazil has enough potash reserves to supply the supply of fertilizers until 2100. Two thirds of the deposits are in the states of MG, SP and SE

Brazil has enough potash reserves to supply the supply of fertilizers until 2100. Two thirds of the deposits are in the states of MG, SP and SE

March 10, 2022 4:43 pm to 4:43 pm
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According to UFMG professor Raoni Rajão, two-thirds of potassium reserves, an input used in fertilizers in Brazil, are found in the states of Minas Gerais, Sergipe and São Paulo, and only 11% are found in indigenous lands.

Agricultural producers in Brazil are concerned about the agricultural consequences generated by the war in Ukraine, due to the supply of fertilizers as 50% of potash imports come from Russia and Belarus, according to Embrapa. In view of this fact, the Federal University of Minas Gerais informs that Brazil has sufficient potassium reserves to supply the country until the year 2100.

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In addition to the potash reserves in Minas Gerais, Sergipe and São Paulo, there are also reserves in the Amazon, however 11% of the deposits are located on indigenous lands. The project that proposes mineral exploration of indigenous lands can be discussed again in the Chamber of Deputies, after two years stopped.

Brazil's dependence on the importation of potassium-based fertilizers

Currently, Brazil is dependent on the importation of fertilizers based on phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium to guarantee production in agriculture. Fertilizers have the function of correcting the soil and increasing the harvest.

According to professors Raoni Rajão and Everaldo Zonta, Brazil was independent from importing potash until 1990. Both professors agreed to call for a national policy for the export of potash. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply should launch a national fertilizer plan later this month.

Raoni believes that the war is showing the importance of investing in Brazil's domestic market, but argues that incentives are needed to generate competition with international companies that dominate sales.

“The federal government is preparing a fertilizer plan, but this involves several important points, such as equating the issue of taxes. In Brazil, if you produce, you pay 8% of ICMS. If you import, you don't pay tax. It makes no sense for you to have this differentiated treatment, in addition to having the need for a long-term action, with stimuli from public banks”, defended the professor in conversation with the CNN.

Potassium stocks for three months

According to the National Association for the Diffusion of Fertilizers (Anda), producers have a three-month supply of fertilizers. Anda maintains dialogue with the government in order to solve the problem, and hopes that the war in Ukraine will end as soon as possible;

The Ministry of Agriculture informed CNN that Brazil has fertilizers to guarantee planting until the month of October. He was also informed about the preparation of a training caravan on fertilizer efficiency in order to save US$ 1 billion in input.

Lower fertilizer imports could cause over-mining in indigenous lands in the Amazon

The conflicts between Ukraine and Russia brought a large deficit of fertilizer imports to the Brazilian market and a series of discussions about the mineral reserves of the Amazon. Thus, last Wednesday (03/02), President Jair Bolsonaro took a stand in favor of a Bill that would allow the mining of potassium in areas of the region, including indigenous lands, without taking into account the impacts of these activities. To learn more, read this article in full by clicking here.

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