Bradesco Seguros opens internship vacancies in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and more

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25-04-2022 22:05:21
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Registration to participate in the Bradesco Seguros Internship Program closes at the end of April

Bradesco Seguros is offering internships in several areas for the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and the Federal District. To participate, it is necessary that the student is studying from the 2nd year of higher education.

Bradesco Seguros internship vacancies are for Administrative, Analytics and BI, Actuarial, Commercial, Purchasing, Accounting, CRM, Financial, Business Management, Building Management, Management Information, Innovation, Investments, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Ombudsman, Pricing, Products, Projects, Quality, Human Resources, Customer Relations, Information Security and Technology.

As for the places where Bradesco Seguros internship vacancies are being offered, they are in 5 states and the Federal District. They are in the municipalities of:

  • Brasilia – Federal District;
  • Curitiba, Parana;
  • Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul;
  • Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro;
  • Salvador, Bahia;
  • São Paulo, Barueri and Campinas – Sao Paulo.

The prerequisites to apply for internship positions at Bradesco Seguros are: be a college student (bachelor's, licentiate or technologist), who is studying from the 2nd semester of graduation or 1st semester of technologist. In addition, it is necessary to be available for an internship journey of 20, 25 or 30 hours per week, with the possibility of carrying out 2 years of internship, but in the case of universities that allow internships only in the last year of the course, the program will last of 1 year.

Grupo Bradesco Seguros offers benefits such as:

  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Aid scholarship;
  • Transportation assistance;
  • The Viva Bem Program focuses on the health, well-being and quality of life of employees, interns and their families. It includes the pillars Viva Bem Equilíbrio, Viva Bem Saudável and Viva Bem Movimento, with various actions to guide, educate and encourage good physical and emotional health practices;
  • Exclusive banking services basket and special discounts on several Bradesco Organization products and access to the Bradesco Seguros Advantages Club, a showcase of exclusive offers and benefits that offers discounts in online stores and in affiliated establishments throughout the country, in the most diverse segments: gastronomy, travel, assistance services, education, clothing, leisure & entertainment;
  • UniverSeg (Universo do Conhecimento do Seguro) and UniBrad (Universidade Corporativa Bradesco) offer, in an integrated manner, a complete range of content aimed at professional and personal development, promoting training solutions and partnerships with educational institutions.

Intern's Journey

The program will be entirely online, with asynchronous training, in which each candidate will be able to choose the best time to perform them, in addition to undergoing live training.

The journey of Bradesco Seguros interns consists of three major stages:

Integration: Introducing the intern to Bradesco's culture, so that he or she becomes aware of the company's history, mission, vision and values. The integration stage contributes to a sense of belonging to the company, presenting Bradesco's areas of activity and training programs;

Knowledge and Development: At this stage, the development of corporate skills takes place, with a learning path specially designed for the intern;

Empathy, Purpose and Collaboration: At this stage, the intern is trained with behavioral training, through which the intern will have access to tools and learn mental models of how to find purpose and meaning in everything that is done in their daily tasks.

Applications for the Bradesco Seguros Group internship vacancies

To apply for Bradesco Seguros internship vacancies, simply click here and register.

The admission process of candidates for Bradesco Seguros internship vacancies will take place in four stages:

  • Registration – March and April 2022;
  • Assessments - March and April 2022;
  • Group dynamics - May 2022;
  • Admission process – June 2022.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the internship vacancies offered by Bradesco, only promoting opportunities in different locations in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering the vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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