Start Bomba: Eletrobras has just been handed over to the private sector by the Federal Government

Bomba: Eletrobras has just been handed over to the private sector by the Federal Government

August 21, 2017 9:32 pm to 21:32
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Eletrobras was sold

In a growing wave of privatizations that is taking place in Brazil, now it's time for Eletrobras, which will be handed over to the private sector

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]It took a while, but now the guillotine has also arrived in electrobras. The Ministry of Mines and Energy has just released the most colossal privatization in Temer's administration. With the sale of the largest publicly traded company under the control of the Federal Government, the estimate is that the plateau will pocket around R$ 20 billion.

There was speculation, but they waited for the stock market to close to release the news. That was just now (Monday-August 21). Differentiating from the primordial idea, the company will all be sold. In the beginning, there was talk of selling by sectoral parts, such as the branches of distribution, generation and transmission.

Realizing that investors were not becoming interested in the company and its distributors, the decision was made to sell them as a unified asset, including the subsidiaries in an anniversary package to the market.

Much like the privatization process that took place at Embraer in 1994, which by the way is very profitable nowadays being managed by the private sector, Eletrobras owes itself to the same privatization system.

This entire process should take approximately 200 days from the sanctioning date. The government now has 63% of control, after privatization, it will keep 47% of the shares and put it in the public coffers (we hope this money really goes there, don't we?).

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Why will Eletrobras be privatized?

During the Lula government, Eletrobras ended up consolidating itself with one of the largest companies in the country's electricity sector, but with debts accumulating in the order of R$ 38.5 billion, it is no longer able to bear the tax burden and misuse of public transfers. Source: G1, Folha, O Globo.

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