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Offshore boilermakers and painters for reserve registration in Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
05-05-2018 05:28:29
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The vacancies are for the talent bank of Consórcio Integrar in offshore activities for a new contract in the Basin

Offshore vacancies in the boiler and painting function today. The Integrar Consortium is receiving CVs for new contracts with Petrobras, which will be put into practice soon, despite the fact that it is laying off in some positions, this information was passed internally to the editorial staff of Click Petróleo e Gás. If you don't fit in the roles described below, try a spot at Brio Gold Brasil for new works that she took, she's hiring a lot.

Requirements for the positions

  • Climbing Boilers – Salvatage Course, Heut and preferably NR's 33 and 35. The Rope Access course can be Irata or Abendi.
  • Climber Painters – Salvatage Course, Heut and preferably NR's 33 and 35. The Rope Access course can be Irata or Abendi.

It is essential that everyone has experience in their respective roles and availability for immediate start, resumes that are out of profile will be discarded. It is also important to mention the job title in the subject of the message. Interested send resume to email rhmacae@integrarcm.com.br.

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