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Big industrial maintenance stop is hiring a veritable army of workers

Paulo Nogueira
30-08-2017 22:17:46
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ES Engineering contractor

Opportunities are to work in Porto do Açú, Bahia and Minas Gerais in scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]ES Engenharia is carrying out an official selection process to perform stops maintenance in industrial poles to which it has just won a contract. Be aware that the work regime will be temporary, but with chances of being effective for other future projects. The following are the positions she is currently taking:

See available positions

Storekeeper, Boiler, Adjuster Mechanic/Maintenance/Specialized/Hydraulic/Official/Technician Part, Welder, Work safety technician, Planning technician, Driver, Part Official Boiler, Coordinator, Power and Control Electrician/ Assembler/Industrial Plumber, Person in charge of Boiler/Hydraulic/Mechanical/Welding, Toolmaker, Welding Inspector, Truck Driver, Munck Truck Operator, Planner, Specialized Welder/Blowtorch/MIG/RX/TIG/TITANIUM, Boiler/Hydraulic/Mechanical Supervisor and Materials Technician.

Positions for Mountaineers

If you have the current certificates from Aneac, ABENDI or IRATA, you can apply for the jobs of Mechanic, Boiler, Part Official Boiler, Welder, Part Official Welder, Equipment Inspector, Tinsmith and Refractory Technician.

How to register your CV

The activities will be developed in different locations in the country, but specifically in the Northeast and Southeast regions. The states are Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais and Bahia. All must have proven experience in CLT in the aforementioned functions. If you fit the responsibilities of the positions, fill out the application form here.

NOTE: Access via PC or Notebook so that there is no data validation error. Do not send data by email or call the company. All professional data will be collected from this database.

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