Banco Santander opens internship vacancies throughout Brazil

Roberta Souza
28-04-2022 23:14:55
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To apply for Santander internship vacancies, it is necessary to be studying from the second semester of graduation. There are vacancies for all Brazil

Santander, one of the largest private banks in Brazil, is offering internships to students across the country. Santander's internship program is divided into Corporate and Wholesale, being chosen by the intern in which of the divisions he wants to follow.

Santander aims to transform the organization's future. Therefore, the objective of the Santander Internship Program is to develop, inspire and train future professionals who will contribute to the bank's challenges and growth.

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In the Santander Corporate Internship Program there are support areas, with the aim of facilitating operations in stores and maintaining the operation of areas such as communication, legal, risks, technology, among others.

Already in the Wholesale Internship Program Santander Large companies are attended to and capital market operations are managed, which, due to their size and complexity, require personalized services or financial and non-financial solutions with high added value.

Objectives of the Santander Internship Program

Santander's Internship Program aims to train and prepare interns with a corporate and pragmatic view of the bank's business, the banking segment and the financial market. The program also provides learning and practical experiences that complement the curricular and academic training, in addition to developing knowledge, skills and competences to be applied in the intern's daily life and in his career.

To participate in the Santander Internship Program it is necessary to be studying from the second semester of graduation of any higher course, all are accepted. Internship vacancies are available throughout Brazil.

The selection process to compete for Santander internship vacancies has five stages, they are:

  • Registrations;
  • Online Assessment;
  • Group dynamic
  • Business Panel with Manager + Final Interview;
  • Admission Process.

The contracting months are in March, July and November.

Banco Santander also offers benefits such as medical assistance, scholarship, training program, life insurance, meal vouchers and transportation vouchers.

About the company

Operating in Brazil since 1982, Santander is currently the third largest private bank in the country by assets. Santander is present in all regions of Brazil through a broad structure, made up of branches, PABs (Banking Service Points) and ATMs, in addition to regional offices, technology centers and cultural units.

Santander's operations are divided into two major structures: the commercial bank brings together all retail activities, such as serving individuals and small and medium-sized companies. Wholesale is aimed at large companies and capital market operations.

Headquartered in São Paulo, the Brazilian operation is an integral part of Grupo Santander, originated in Spain, which is the main financial conglomerate in the euro zone and has a large presence in Latin America. The model used in Brazil is that of an autonomous subsidiary in capital and liquidity.

According to Banco Santander, “The operation in Brazil inspires its performance in the global purpose “To help people and businesses prosper”, in a simple, personal and fair way. This guides the culture, decision-making process and behavior of Santander in Brazil and of its companies.”

Applications for Santander internship vacancies

To apply for Santander internship vacancies available throughout Brazil, simply click here and apply. Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the internship vacancies offered by Santander, only carrying out the dissemination of opportunities in various locations in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering the vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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