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Attention! Offshore vacancies for helpers, no need for a full 2nd degree

Paulo Nogueira
23-07-2017 17:15:49
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Offshore job openings for helpers

Traditional offshore company has opened vacancies for helpers in rig maintenance activities in facilitated recruitment.

Due to shortages work in the offshore industry triggered by the crisis that devastates the country, it is rare to appear opportunities for inexperienced professionals or that the requirements are a little less stringent, since there are many professionals, shall we say… “cascudos” and with a lot of baga in this stationary sector as well. But even to our surprise, Denadai, a company specialized in hotels in the maritime, offshore and onshore sector, decided to make it a little easier and opened a selection process for Offshore Repair Helpers. The following are the requirements to apply for the vacancies:

To apply, candidates must have worked as a helper of electricians, mechanics or plumbers. It is important to note that this experience must be proven in CLT, regardless of whether it is onshore or offshore. The hiring will only be effective after the practical test. In order to facilitate and value practical professionals, Denadai and Petrobras are not requiring a high school diploma or a technical degree to perform this function, which will greatly favor the candidates for the vacancies. ATTENTION! It is important to have the Salvatagem, HEUT and CPSO course up to date. Another key criterion is the issue of residency, candidates must predominantly live in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo.

Did you understand the requirements well? It is important to point out that you do not send your resume if you do not fulfill the assignments for the vacancy. Under penalty of having your email, name and CPF on the company's blacklist. Interested and within the profile, send your CV ONCE to recruitmacae@denadai.com.br, Putting in the subject OFFSHORE REPAIRMAN. Put a resume in the body of the message and or in the attachment.


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