Assaí Atacadista offers several job openings in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, among others.

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The job openings offered by Assaí Atacadista are for apprentices, operators, butchers, among others. The vacancies are mostly in the state of São Paulo

The supermarket chain Assaí Atacadista has opened several job openings for different areas of activity for several municipalities in the country, with São Paulo being the state with the most job openings available. Job vacancies include professionals from different educational levels.

About Assaí Atacadista

The supermarket chain Assaí Atacadista is a wholesale and self-service company that is growing in Brazil. It is one of the largest employers in the country and also carries one of the Most Valuable Brands in the world. Brazil, according to Interbrand's 2020 ranking. Currently, the company has more than 200 stores, with more than 60 thousand employees, from small and medium-sized merchants to final consumers.

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Check out these featured job vacancies offered by Assaí Atacadista

job vacancy for Cashier Apprentice

Location: Natal, RN.


  • Education and age group: Young people from 18 to 24 years old who have completed high school can be an apprentice.

Main atributions:

  • Serving customers checking their purchases;
  • Finalize the purchase with the effectiveness of payment through the customer;
  • Offer customers other services (eg mobile recharge and returnable bag);
  • Opening, closing the box and bleeding.

job vacancy for Store Operator

Location: Campo Grande, MS.


  • Complete high school;
  • Age range: Minimum 18 years;
  • No experience in the role is required.

Main atributions:

  • Responsible for replenishing supermarket shelves;
  • Expiration date verification and product organization;
  • Provide customer service;
  • Cleans counters, shelves and products;
  • Participate in carrying out periodic inventories of the section.

job vacancy for Butcher I

Location: Barreiras, BA.


  • Complete high school;
  • Age range: Minimum 21 years;
  • Proven experience in the role of butcher;
  • Knowledge in traditional and special cuts of meat, meat cleaning, counter service.

Main atributions:

  • Responsible for suggesting orders, performing meat cuts operations;
  • Take care of the storage and preparation of counters, equipment, preparation room;
  • Provide customer service when requested in cuts and clarifications about products;
  • Assistance in receiving goods.

See also other job openings offered by Assaí Atacadista and their respective locations:

  • Butcher I – Maringá, PR;
  • Junior Technical Purchasing Analyst - Sao Paulo-SP;            
  • Full Marketing Analyst – Market Intelligence – São Paulo, SP;                
  • Junior HR Analyst – São Paulo, SP;                   
  • Full Systems Analyst – São Paulo, SP;                             
  • Junior Technical Support Analyst – São Paulo, SP;                              
  • Apprentice Cashier – Rio de Janeiro, RJ;
  • Cafeteria Attendant – Piracicaba, SP;
  • Sales Clerk – Duque de Caxias, RJ;
  • Butcher's Assistant – Campo Grande, MS;        
  • Kitchen Assistant Canteen – Rio de Janeiro, RJ;                          
  • Technical Buyer – São Paulo, SP;                
  • Consultant (a) Jr Technical – Butcher – Manaus, AM;          
  • Full Regional HR Consultant – Salvador, BA;
  • Junior Technical Training Coordinator – Sao Paulo-SP;    
  • Junior Administrative Coordinator – São Paulo, SP;      
  • Person in Charge Section B – CD Operations – Belém, PA;
  • Engineer (a) Work Safety Pl. - Sao Paulo-SP;          
  • Work Safety Engineer – Campo Grande, MS;                    
  • Digital Marketing and Innovation Manager – São Paulo, SP;           
  • Cashier Operator – Fortaleza, CE;   
  • Store Operator - Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP;        
  • Store Operator – Jundiaí, SP;          
  • Store Operator – Warehouse – Rio de Janeiro, RJ;
  • Full Store Operator – Fortaleza, CE;
  • Maintenance Technician I – Goiânia, GO.

Applications for Assaí Atacadista job vacancies

To apply for one of the job openings at Assaí Atacadista, just click here, select the job of interest and apply.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the job openings offered by Assaí Atacadista, only promoting opportunities in several places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering the vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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