Assaí Atacadista is offering more than 250 job openings in a store that belonged to Extra, in Fortaleza

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12-05-2022 18:29:24
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The store is one of 70 units of the Extra hypermarket network, which will be converted into Assaí. Check out the open job openings at Assaí Atacadista in Fortaleza

Assaí Atacadista is offering more than 250 job openings in Fortaleza this Thursday (12). The job vacancies are destined for the new unit of the company, which is yet to be inaugurated. This store belonged to the Extra hypermarket network, being one of the 70 Extra units that were acquired by Assaí.

In total, three establishments that were under the Extra banner in Fortaleza will become Assaí:

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According to Assaí Atacadista, the new store in Fortaleza will generate up to 50% more jobs compared to the Extra hypermarket. Workers who worked at Extra will have priority in the selection process. The store is being renovated and will have ample parking.

About Assaí Atacadista

The supermarket chain Assaí Atacadista is a wholesale and self-service company that is growing in Brazil. It is one of the largest employers in the country and also carries one of the Most Valuable Brands in Brazil, according to Interbrand's 2020 ranking. Currently, the company has more than 200 stores, with more than 60 thousand employees, from small and medium-sized merchants to final consumers.

Check out the featured job openings at Assaí Atacadista

Maintenance Assistant
  • Prerequisites: Completed High School; Minimum age of 21 years; Essential NR 10 (regulatory standard 10) updated.
  • Main responsibilities: Responsible for assisting in the maintenance and prevention of the operation of refrigerators, generator and store scales; Make the necessary repairs, inspect the lighting of the store, checking if there is a lack of it; Maintain the conservation of equipment and facilities in accordance with company procedures; Carry out air conditioning cleaning; Make small repairs to paintings, locks, unclog vases and sinks.
  • Prerequisites: Completed High School; Age range: Minimum 18 years.
  • Main responsibilities: Responsible for supporting cashier operations (Registration/Treasury/Cashier Tax); Count cash for opening and closing cashiers; Count money (coins) sent by customers and fill out a purchase voucher in the amount conferred in order to facilitate the payment of customer purchases when going to the cashier; Cash coverage, when necessary; Experience with cash closing, bleeding, treasury and customer service in person and over the phone.
forklift operator
  • Prerequisites: Completed High School; Age range: Minimum 21 years; Course: Up-to-date forklift and driver's license - category B.
  • Main responsibilities: Responsible for operating a forklift on the store floor and warehouse; Carry out the loading and unloading of the goods, place the goods on the high shelves, respecting the PEPS system (first in first out) and never exceed the weight specified for the forklift; Proven experience in the role operating a forklift in warehouse and store and experience with an electric forklift.

See other job openings offered at the new Assaí Atacadista unit, in Fortaleza

  • Butcher I;    
  • IT Assistant;
  • Butcher's Assistant;
  • Quality Control Assistant;
  • Kitchen Assistant;
  • Help of Deposit;
  • Invoice Receipt Assistant;
  • poster;
  • Cafeteria Chief;       
  • Head of Depot;       
  • Head of Maintenance;
  • Head of Receipt of Invoices;
  • Head of the Butcher Section;
  • Head of Hortifruti Section (FLV);
  • Head of Grocery Section;
  • Perishables Section Chief;        
  • Head of Loss Prevention Section;
  • Card sales manager;
  • Head of Cashier;
  • Loading and Unloading Checker;
  • Cook;
  • Packer;
  • Supervisor Customer Service;          
  • Loss Prevention Tax;
  • Cashier and Cafeteria Front;
  • Nutritionist;
  • Store Operator – Preferably Professionals with Disabilities;
  • Repository Grocery, Perishables, Hortifruti;
  • Card and Telesales Vacancies (Attendant and Operator).

Applications for Assaí Atacadista job opportunities in Fortaleza

To apply for Assaí Atacadista job vacancies in Fortaleza it is necessary to go through an online selection process, which will be open until June 15th. To access the website, click here. It is necessary to inform RG, CPF, telephone number and e-mail address.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the job openings offered by Assaí Atacadista in Fortaleza, only promoting opportunities in several places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering the vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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