Boticário offers dozens of home office vacancies for candidates with no experience from all over Brazil

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02-05-2022 11:36:13
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Seeking to form a new team of qualified professionals, Grupo Boticário announced dozens of new home office internship vacancies with great salaries for candidates with no experience. See below how to participate in the selection process

Grupo Boticário announced last Friday (29) the opening of 45 home office internship vacancies for candidates with no experience. The company's program, which is in its third edition, will feature a fully online selection process and students from anywhere in the country can participate, as long as they are regularly enrolled in a higher education course expected to graduate in July of the next year or July 2024. The salaries of the internship program can reach R$ 2 thousand and , according to Grupo Boticário, this edition will feature more than 75% of opportunities aimed at people with disabilities, blacks or browns and LGBTQIA +.

Boticário Group's home office internship vacancies aim to employ 'minorized' groups

According to O Boticário, the initiative is part of a set of measures adopted by the group to expand the representation of minority groups in its staff.

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According to the company's director of talent, culture and knowledge, Emília Ferraz, taking care of people is at the heart of Grupo Boticário. Therefore, in addition to selecting different professional profiles, the company has all the stages of the selection process designed to ensure an inclusive and aggregating experience for candidates with no experience.

Home office internship vacancies can be a great option for those who are looking for a permanent position, given that O Boticário tends to permanently hire most of those who make up the internship team. According to studies carried out in relation to the last edition, 85% of the participants were effectively hired by the company. In addition, 33% of the last trainee class was formed by former interns. 

Salaries of R$ 2,068 thousand and many benefits

The home office internship program for candidates with no experience will start in July and has, among its benefits, competitive salaries in relation to the job market, reaching R$ 2,068 thousand and benefits such as transport vouchers, 13th salary, meal vouchers, health plan, food stamps, dental plan, flexible hours, discounts on products of the company's brands, among others.

Participants with no experience in this edition will also work within the new work models installed by Boticário, which are the hybrid and home office modalities and, for the first time, students from the most varied regions of the country will have the chance to work in the network, with a view to that, until then, the company's programs were restricted to Curitiba, Camaçari and São Paulo, cities where the company's factories and offices are located. Interested parties must access the company's website and register using some personal data, skills, training, among others.

About the company

Grupo Boticário has 7 own brands that are spread in 16 countries with stores, marketplace, e-commerce and thousands of resellers. In addition to the exclusive distribution of internationally recognized products in the country, the company has its own beauty ecosystem, which ranges from the production industry to the point of sale, from the laboratory to customer consumption, from logistics to retail and from its innovations to palm of your consumers.

Its main brand, O Boticário, was elected, for the 4th consecutive year, the most loved cosmetics brand by the Brazilian people and the group is the 7th most sustainable beauty company in the world. The company was born 44 years ago in Curitiba, founded by Miguel Krisgner.

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