Start Boticário announces R$ 200 million to expand production in PR and will generate 500 jobs

Boticário announces R$ 200 million to expand production in PR and will generate 500 jobs

April 30, 2022 3:00 pm to 3:00 pm
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Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior at an official event of Grupo Boticário – image: Jonathan Campos/AEN

The Boticário group is investing R$ 200 million in the expansion of its factory in São José dos Pinhais (PR) promising to generate hundreds of jobs and income for the population.

Grupo Boticário announced last (22) an investment to expand the production of its factory in PR, known as Paranaense Beauty Center. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of its first factory in São José dos Pinhais, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (PR), the amount invested by the group will be R$ 200 million and, with this number, up to 25% of production capacity should increase in its industrial center , which has 830 local suppliers directly involved in the production chain of the beauty and cosmetics sector. It is estimated that the investment will create more than 500 new jobs in the next two years.

Get to know the Boticário factory in Paraná better

The company has so far invested R$ 700 million in construction of the Beauty Hub, which was installed on a plot of 150 thousand square meters in the municipality of São José dos Pinhais (PR), with 72 thousand square meters of built area. The unit concentrates the production of care items such as creams and moisturizers, perfumery items, makeup and gift cases and kits.

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Just last year, the Boticário plant in PR was responsible for producing 160 million pieces. The Beauty Center generates jobs for 6,000 people, including from partner companies and also O Boticário workers. According to Sérgio Sampaio, vice president of operations at Grupo Boticário, the company's commitment to the municipality in PR is long-standing.

Over the past few years, in which the company has invested in advancing the region, the beauty industry has been strengthened and hundreds of partners have been connected, which together form part of an innovative and sustainable Beauty Hub. As one of the three biggest brands in the Brazilian beauty sector, with 20% of market share, Boticário is focusing on leadership in the sector with the upgrade of the factory in São José dos Pinhais (PR), which is generating thousands of jobs.

Grupo Boticário has activities in Campina Grande do Sul (PR)

Also according to Sampaio, the company's new investments encourage even more the expansion and advancement of this ecosystem, expanding opportunities for the residents of the municipality, generating 500 jobs.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the factory in São José dos Pinhais, the group also started, in the last year, the operation of a Distribution Center that has more than 20 thousand square meters in Campina Grande do Sul. The complex brings together the distribution activities of the company's e-commerce and brands.

In the next semester, the unit will also start operating for stores, multi-brands, franchises and direct sales throughout the South region. The installation of the distribution center and the concentration in the state of electronic commerce of the apothecary group are within the tax incentive program Competitive Paraná. About R$80 million are being invested by the company for 2 years.

About the company

O Apothecary Group was founded 45 years ago in Paraná as a small compounding pharmacy, currently becoming one of the largest beauty conglomerates in the world, present in 15 countries.

Owning brands such as O Boticário, Quem Disse, Berenice?, Eudora, Multi B, BeautyBox, Oui and several others. The group comprises factories, laboratories, retail technology, logistics and marketing. In total, more than 13,000 jobs are created, in addition to another 40,000 people who work in the franchise network, considered the largest in the world.

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