ANP informs that prices at gas stations will change

Fábio Lucas
30-04-2022 17:54:00
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anp oil gas stations Marcelo Casal jr / Agência Brasil

The ANP measure will take effect on May 7th. The agency's understanding is that the change will facilitate the understanding of the real price of fuels

Gas stations will now display prices with two decimal places and no longer with three decimal places. The measure takes effect on May 7. This is Resolution No. 858/2021, of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), which gave this deadline for the gas stations to adapt. 

THE ANP informed that the main objective of the change is to make the price clearer for consumers, aligning the values with the numerical expression of Brazil. Prices should now be displayed to two decimal places on the dashboard and on the pump displays. supply

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gas stations anp gasoline
Fuel pump. Photo: Agência Brasil

The ANP highlighted that the third digit can be kept if the third number is a 0 and it is locked when refueling vehicles. The agency understands that the gas stations will not need to change the pump modules, something that would certainly require investment from the stations. The ANP believes that the measure will not have any impact on fuel prices for the consumer Final.  

Gasoline prices at gas stations hit record high 

Consumers are paying more and more per liter of gasoline. The month of April ended with fuel costing R$ 7,524, an increase of 3,24% compared to March. Compared to the same period last year, fuel price growth was an impressive 31,14%. 

This is the highest price ever raised by ValeCard, a company specializing in management solutions, which began to be carried out in January 2019. 

The survey showed that the price of gasoline increased in all states, except Bahia – where the average price of gasoline had a reduction of 2,26%. Meanwhile, the biggest increases in gasoline prices were recorded in Distrito Federal (5.05%), Piauí (5.03%) and Paraná (4.16%). Finally, the lowest price increases were recorded in Rio Grande do Norte (1.81%), Acre (2.03%) and Rio Grande do Sul (2.51%). 

Natural gas also undergoes readjustment

Last Sunday, May 1st, Petrobras switched from the most expensive 19% distributors for natural gas. The change took place after a quarterly adjustment, which took into account the variation in the price of a barrel of oil and the exchange rate variation in the period. 

The price of natural gas will remain the same for the next quarter. The good news is that gas cylinders based on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will not suffer from the new adjustment. On the other hand, drivers using Natural Vehicular Gas (CNG) will be greatly impacted by the new prices. 

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