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ANP reports 5 drops in fuel prices in one week

Paulo Nogueira
09-07-2018 15:30:38
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ANP reports 5 falls in fuel prices (gasoline and diesel) in just one week. In turn, the price of ethanol dropped 4 times.

ANP reports 5 falls in fuel prices (gasoline and diesel) in just one week. In turn, the price of ethanol dropped 4 times.

was informed by ANP that in just one week there were 5 price drops in gasoline and diesel fuels. In this same period, ethanol had dropped 4 times. The good news does not follow the price of cooking gas which has increased.

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According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), 0.66% was the estimated drop in gasoline, with stations charging R$ 4.495 per liter. Of course, this value refers to an average verified by the ANP among several municipalities. Variation between different locations is absolutely common.

So far, in the consumer's pocket, the average price of gasoline has increased by around 9.66%, according to a calculation by the National Petroleum Agency (Agência Nacional do Petróleo).ANP).

Following its fuel pricing policy, Petrobras increased the value of gasoline at refineries by approximately 2.8%. This policy has been common since last year, where it has been readjusting fuel prices every day, whose goal is to follow the prices of other countries, which has as an influence, several points such as the exchange rate and the values of barrels of Petroleum.

In the end, it is up to the gas stations to decide whether or not to pass on the adjustments made by Petrobras to the consumer.

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diesel and ethanol

The average price of ethanol was around R$ 3,384 per liter at gas station pumps, even with the price stagnant at refineries.

On the other hand, ethanol registered a drop of 1.66% in the same week, computing the average R$ 2.833/liter.

Following the same gasoline calculation method, the prices shown by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), are due to the average acquired in several municipalities, thus varying from region to region.

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Gas cylinder price in 2018 continues to rise

According to the ANP, the average price of cooking gas was around R$ 68.46 this week. This value, in the pocket of consumers, represented an increase of 0.26%. The increase announced by Petrobras was 4.4% in accordance with its policy of readjusting every three months.

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