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ANP will decide today how the 5th Pre-Salt Bidding Round will be

Flavia Marinho
13-07-2018 20:00:49
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5th Pre-Salt Bidding Round

The hearing of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) took place today to decide how the parameters of the 5th Pre-Salt Bidding Round will be defined.

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and representatives of the federal government met today at 2 pm for a hearing to define how the 5th Pre-Salt Bidding Round will be organized. In this hearing, all the pros and cons regarding the agenda were discussed, as the areas of Saturno, Titã, Pau-Brasil and Sudoeste de Tartaruga Verde are at stake. The project organizers are optimistic because in the last bidding round approximately R$ 3.15 billion was raised in the 4th pre-salt round.

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Auction forecast

The auction is scheduled for September 28, 2018 and the ANP expects to have everything ready on that date. The possibility of profits is very large, as the federal government expects to profit around R$ 7 billion with the 5th round of pre-salt sharing. The exploration fields that will be available for sharing mentioned at the beginning of the article are promising and have conditions to be explored for a long time.

Job Generation

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The Federal government, according to notes issued throughout the year, states that the auctions will guarantee the heating of the national economy and will place the Brazilian O&G sector among the main high-value assets in the global sphere.

They also state that the number of job opportunities will be very large in the offshore and onshore areas and their subsidiaries. Professionals in the O&G sector are apprehensive, waiting for the entire auction to unfold and hoping for good news. The expectation of professionals in the energy sector is the possibility of an immediate return to the job market. Click HERE on the link to read one of our posts about new job opportunities in Brazil.

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