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Andrade Gutierrez has already started works at Porto do Açú and 2,000 more vacancies have been confirmed

Paulo Nogueira
22-03-2018 17:20:01
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work by andrade gutierrez in São João da Barra

The official information is that more than 2000 jobs will be generated at the peak of the enterprise and Andrade Gutierrez can use the workforce of the region, understand

Anyway, it's started and now there's no turning back. Andrade Gutierrez finally starts the construction works of the thermoelectric plant at Porto do Açú in São João da Barra-RJ. At the moment, there are 70 employees working on this project in the preparatory phase of the project, leveling the land for the installation of the UTE. According to the company, by December of this year around 460 people will be working on the project. At the peak of the work in 2020, more than 2 thousand jobs will be generated, in other words, YOU STILL HAVE REAL CHANCES TO ENTER THIS WORK!

Company bus with Andrade Gutierrez workers arriving at the port

In this first phase, the vacancies generated will be for the construction and civil infrastructure part, such as: Helpers, shipowners, operators, bricklayers and other more crude service positions at this first moment. Now comes the really good news: Andrade Gutierrez said that the workforce for the other phases of the project will be local and as demand increases and that it is committed to the socio-economic development of the region.

At the beginning of 2018, Gás Natural Açu, a subsidiary of Prumo Logística, declared that it had sanctioned the contracting of the consortium between Siemens and Andrade Gutierrez for the construction of the thermoelectric plant with more than 1.2 gigawatts of power installed in the port. The main objective of the port is to transfer the pre-salt production produced in the Santos Basin to the thermoelectric plant, making it self-sufficient in energy production and still having a space for processing and storing LNG.

How to apply for vacancies in the works of Porto at Empresa Andrade Gutierrez

First of all, here are some comments from the people who are closely following the situation of the works:

Those interested in getting a job should, reiterates the contractor, send their CVs by email. vacancies.utent@agnet.com.br, in addition to registering with the Porto do Açu Employability Network (www.vagas.com.br/rede-de-empregabilidade). If you haven't applied yet, do so now because the chances are real and official. Let us know so we can track the progress of your hires.

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