Ambev and Budweiser launch 'The Energy Collective', an action that aims to bring renewable energy to establishments around the planet

Valdemar Medeiros
26-04-2022 12:10:28
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Ambev - Budweiser - renewable energy - The-Energy-Collective Solar plant in Minas Gerais | Disclosure - Environmental Footprint

Ambev and Budweiser have launched 'The Energy Collective' program, which aims to make access to renewable energy around the world easier and cheaper.

Ambev and Budweiser, together with ABInbeV launched worldwide this Monday (25), the 'The Energy Collective', an initiative that aims to bring renewable energy to bars, concert halls, restaurants and stadiums around the world. The first stage of the Ambev and Budweiser project is aimed at the Brazilian market, where Lemon Energia, a startup accelerated for approximately two years by Z-Tech, Ambev's innovation and technology hub, is already doing a great job alongside small and medium entrepreneurs, making renewable energy more accessible without any work or investment, resulting in reduced expenses on the electricity bill.

Discounts using 'The Energy Collective' by Ambev and Budweiser can reach up to 20%

In this two-year period, Lemon's initiative has already reached more than 2,700 establishments spread across four states of the country, representing savings of more than R$ 3.7 million in spending on energy tariff of its customers, a base made up mostly of bars and restaurants. Discounts for establishments that are registered with 'The Energy Collective' run until 20%.

In addition to the economy, the impacts of renewable energy consumption through the services of Ambev's innovation and technology hub are also essential for the planet, given that more than 2,300 tons of CO2 are no longer emitted.

already the Budweiser, expects more than 250 thousand establishments to make this transition to renewable energy in Brazil by 2025, this number is equivalent to about 290 thousand tons of carbon dioxide no longer being emitted into the atmosphere or the same monthly work of more than 4 million planted trees.

'The Energy Collective' promises to bring renewable energy to the owners of registered establishments without any investment

In addition to reducing values and emissions, 'The Energy Collective' solution in the country also promotes the democratization of access to energy generated by renewable sources without requiring, for example, investments for adhesion, works to install solar panels and maintenance fee, given that AmBev and Budweiser program customers access locally produced renewable energy, but remain connected to the distribution grid.

According to Lemon's CEO, Rafael Vignoli, energy is essential, and nothing is fairer than providing the customer with the possibility of choosing renewable energy in the simplest digital and economic way possible. According to Vignoli, it is the company's role to transform a mission into reality and the partnership between Ambev and Budweiser further consolidates this commitment.

The project also represents a big step towards sustainability of Ambev, which last year revealed its plan to bring its own and third-party net emissions to zero in its value chain by 2040.

Learn more about Ambev's sustainability projects

Having sustainability as a business, Ambev works with a focus on the ESG concept, which is a strategic and multi stakeholder long-term in line with the transformative and positive socio-environmental impact, considering care for people and communities and the preservation of natural resources where it operates. 

With its commitment to building a better world, the company is part of the group of companies that make up the Brazil Network of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact. The initiative brings together companies that, in partnership with the international community, are willing to work together to manage business in a more sustainable way.

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