Amaggi is selecting hundreds of new professionals for jobs in Mato Grosso

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14-04-2022 22:00:54
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Amaggi has several effective job vacancies for professionals from Mato Grosso and other states. The company also offers trainee vacancies for recent graduates.

The leader in national grain industrialization and a reference in the pillars of sustainable development, Amaggi, is offering job openings for the state of Mato Grosso and other states. The company also has opportunities for other states in positions such as Borracheiro, Administrative Assistant, among others. In addition to effective opportunities, Amaggi hires candidates with no experience in its Trainee program. The company has operations throughout the country and operates, in addition to the production and sale of grain, with navigation and energy generation systems.

Positions available for immediate start

Below are some of the job openings that the company is offering for MT professionals:

Contracts and Regulatory Analyst

Complete higher education in Business Administration, Law or similar areas, knowledge about federal regulatory agencies and consenting bodies, general knowledge in the processing of bills and risk analysis, Basic Office Package, ease with new technologies and PowerBI, having knowledge in ANVISA, MAPA, ANTAQ, ANTT, RFB, ANP and Advanced English.

Logistics Planning and Control Manager

Complete higher education in Economics, Administration or Engineering in general, advanced English, solid knowledge in road, waterway, rail and maritime transport, Notions of Tax and Tax Legislation. Auditor Complete Higher Education, Knowledge in Internal Audit or External Audit, Courses and Certifications in Internal Audit, Internal Controls (COSO and COBIT), Project Management and Risk Management, being available for travel, qualification B and road experience, working in auditing companies, Knowledge in the Office Package, SAP, ACL Visio, among others.

Legal Analyst | tax

Higher Education in Law or Accounting Sciences with specialization in Tax Law, solid knowledge in the Tax Law sector, Knowledge of the Office Package and advanced English Executive Secretary (o) Presidency Complete Higher Education in Executive Secretary or related areas, Knowledge of Office package, knowledge of Technical Writing, Agenda Management and Customer Service, Fluent English required.

It is worth mentioning that Amaggi also offers several other job openings on its website and those who are interested should access the company's website on the VAGAS platform.

Amaggi also offers vacancies in its Trainee program in Mato Grosso

In addition to effective job vacancies, Amaggi also has vacancies for Trainee in a program that offers Practical Experience, Tutoring, Assessment, Development Plan, Feedback, and several other benefits.

The company seeks for its program, newly graduated professionals with up to 3 years in Agribusiness Management, Administration, Foreign Trade, Production Engineering or Technical Course in Agribusiness and related areas.

Mastery of the Office Package, CNH category B and residing in Sinop and Ipiranga, Mato Grosso is also required. The program will last for one year and candidates should also pay attention to their email, as the company will contact you through it. These opportunities can also be found on the website mentioned above.

About the company

For over 40 years, the company has evolved sustainably at each stage of the agribusiness, identifying opportunities and incorporating challenges that not only generate the company's growth, but also the entire advance of the global and local food market.

Through four major business areas, Agro, Logistics and Operations, Commodities and Energy, the company operates in the agricultural production of soy, cotton, corn and fertilizers, as well as in the sale of agricultural inputs and grains, in large-scale logistics for international distribution. and national grain, in addition to the generation and sale of electric energy.

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