Almost 800 vacancies for free professional courses are available in different municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Roberta Souza
10-05-2022 22:01:26
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The vacancies are available in cities of Rio de Janeiro and cover diversified courses, such as gastronomy and logistics technician

In all, 792 places, granted by Senac-RJ, are available for technical and professional qualification in five municipalities in the South and Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro. Such vacancies are classified into three different categories: regular courses, Portal do Futuro Program and Mobile School of Gastronomy.

Below is information about availability in each category, which municipalities in Rio de Janeiro offer each course and how to register.

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regular courses

In this group, 512 vacancies are being made available. They are shared between the units of Angra dos Reis, Barra do Piraí, Barra Mansa, Três Rios and Volta Redonda – all municipalities belonging to the Rio de Janeiro state.

  • In Angra, there are 200 vacancies available for the courses of human resources assistant, administrative assistant, stockist and merchandiser.
  • In Barra Mansa, 120 places are offered for courses in stockist, logistics technician and administration technician.
  • In Barra do Piraí, there are 110 vacancies for stockist, logistics technician and administration technician courses.
  • In Três Rios, there are 42 vacancies for the courses of logistics assistant, personnel assistant and credit and collection assistant.
  • Finally, in Volta Redonda, 40 places are offered for the personnel assistant course.

The vacancies are made available through the Senac Free Program (PSG), and are aimed at families with a per capita income of up to two minimum wages. Classes will be face-to-face, scheduled to start on June 6th.

Applications must be made online, which you can access through this link. Deadlines for registration and enrollment range from May to July, depending on the course.

Portal of the Future Program

The Portal do Futuro Program is offering 30 places at Senac de Resende, also in Rio de Janeiro. The project aims to introduce young people aged 16 to 21 into the job market, through professional training and behavioral guidance.

Applications must be made online via this link., with the deadline on May 16. Candidates must, at least, attend high school, in addition to having a per capita family income of up to two minimum wages.

For the selection process, original documents must be presented along with their copies, namely: RG, CPF, proof of schooling and residence.

In addition, minors under 18 must attend with documentation and be accompanied by a guardian.

Mobile School of Gastronomy

The courses available in this category are: snacks for parties, confectionery bases, preparation of traditional breads, sweets for parties, pizza preparation, preparation of fresh and stuffed pasta, uncomplicated cuisine for everyday life, jellies and jams, hamburger preparation gourmet and risotto workshop.

There are, in all, 250 places reserved for those interested in studying gastronomy in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

At registrations must be carried out in face-to-face mode, Thursday (12th) at 10 am, at Cais Santa Luzia, at Avenida Júlio Maria, n°90-286, Centro.

In addition, candidates need to be over 16 years of age, have completed elementary school and have the following documents (original and copy) in possession of registration: identification document; CPF; proof of residence and proof of schooling (copy of transcript or school certificate, declaration of original schooling within the validity period or self-declaration stating that you can read, write and perform the four mathematical operations).

Individuals under 18 must also be accompanied by a legal guardian, who must present an original and a copy of their own identity documents and CPF.

Classes should start on May 25th and will be in two shifts: in the morning, from 8 am to 12 pm, and in the afternoon, from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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